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23 March 1969

My dear Parents,

Please accept my thanks for all your kindness and for your very loyal and generous encouragement during the past Lent Term. The winter months have brought great difficulty to many of you. There has been bad weather, with its consequent effect on public transport and there has been sickness in many homes. It is time for a holiday but also time for me to congratulate you on your fortitude.

School holidays. The Easter vacation begins after school to-day, Friday, 28th March. We return to school on Tuesday, 15th April. The Whitsuntide holiday commences after school on Wednesday, 21st May.

Parents’ Evenings. There will be no more Parents’ Evenings during the remainder of this academic year. The series will, of course, begin again in the autumn. Perhaps it would be of interest if I were to list the Parents’ Evenings which have been held during the past term.

Thursday, 30th January. Form 5
Thursday, 6th February. Form 3
Thursday, 13th February. Form 3
Thursday, 20th February. Form 4
Thursday, 27th February. Form 4
Thursday, 6th March Form 4

In addition, I have addressed the parents together in the Assembly Hall on the following occasions:-

Sunday, 9th February. 3.30 p.m. Form 3
Monday, 20th February. 8 p.m. Form 3
Sunday, 3rd March. 3.30 p.m. Form 4
Monday, 4th March 8 p.m. Form 4

Uniform Please accept my thanks for the very generous co-operation you have given to my request for uniformity in outdoor dress. I trust you will agree with me that our boys in their navy blue raincoats look smarter than ever. I hope also that you will agree that the time has come for complete uniformity. Now that the warmer weather is coming, it may not be necessary for our boys to wear raincoats every day, but I do ask that from now onwards their outdoor dress should be a raincoat. Hitherto, for special reasons, there have been a few cases of tolerance of non-uniform outdoor garments. May we now have complete uniformity?

The senior blazer will be delivered before the end of May. It may be worn as soon as it can be obtained by any of the boys the present forms 5G and M, and 4P, Q, X, Y and Z. (It may be worn from the summer of 1970 by the boys now in forms 4P and 3H,N and R if by then they have entered the 5th form.) Those who qualify to wear it now should place their orders now.

I hope you will, permit me to remind you of my request that trousers worn with school uniform should be grey. Perhaps you would consider the suggestion that since trousers get so much wear it might not be an extravagance for every boy to have two pairs of grey trousers for wear in school. Inevitably, a pair of trousers will sometimes need repair and I can no longer accept the practice of coming to school in brown, blue or check trousers with the excuse that the others are being repaired.

Organ Fund. I am profoundly grateful for your very generous response to the Organ Fund which was opened at this time last year. The Fund at present stands at 240, and again I am asking for 1 from the parents of every boy in the school. I think we shall soon be in a position to contract for the necessary loan. I know that the only kind of organ worth having may seem expensive, and many reputable schools do not possess an organ. All the same, I put it to you that the very best schools do have an organ in their Assembly Hall and organ music is a regular part of their assemblies and public solemnities. When you first attend one of our festivals in the school after the organ has been installed you will be glad to discover the additional splendour which it can impart and you will agree that this great school deserves this additional mark of greatness. I hope you will find it possible to send your son to school on the Tuesday of Low Week with 26/-d., i.e. 6/-d. for four dinners and 1 for the Organ Fund.

Solemn Dedication. On Thursday, 15th May, the Apostolic Delegate, the Most Rev. Hyginus Cardinale, will visit the school and impart to it Solemn Blessing and Dedication. Perhaps I ought to explain that this ceremony would have taken place earlier if the visit of the Apostolic Delegate had been feasible earlier. During that week the Apostolic Delegate will be paying his first official visit to our Diocese of Shrewsbury. Since this school is to have a long and glorious history, the time between its opening and this Solemn Dedication will seem to future historians to have been very short.

The Governors wish it to be known that parents are very welcome to attend the ceremony, and every effort will be made to accommodate all who are able to come, I must therefore ask you to complete the form at the end of this letter and return it to on the first day the new term.

Let me wish you every blessing of Paschaltide

Yours sincerely





at 11 a.m., on Thursday, 15th MAY, 1969, in the School Assembly Hall.

(Please note the the invitation is extended only to parents, it will not be possible to accommodate children other than the boys of the school.)

To the Rev, the Headmaster, St.Augustine’s Grammar School.

Reverend and dear Father,

I hereby request  ____ ticket(s) of admission.

Yours sincerely,



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