Colleagues conducting afternoon registration today are requested to read the following announcement to their forms: —The Head Master invites entries for the composition of a School Song.

The Prize for the winning entry will be 20.

The Subject should be twofold: -

(i) St. Augustine of Canterbury
(ii) Our school

The poetic form recommended is 3 stanzas of four lines each of Iambic tetrameter.

The tune recommended will be supplied by the Registrar on request.

Adjudicators will be three — the Head Master (Mgr. McGuiness), the Head of the English Department (Mr. Quinn) and the Head of the Music Department (Mr. Morris)

Competitors must be

(i) Present students of the school
(ii) Former students of the school

Further Particulars of the conditions of entry may be obtained from the Registrar during morning recreation next week.