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Jun 66 16/6/1966 has assessed your son as suitable to a grammar school education
Invitation visit to school and interview by Headmaster
To Parents of Prospective New Boys 8/7/1966 ... some of our boys will be brought in to exhibit the various uniforms ...
Regarding arrangements for visit to school and interview by Headmaster
To Parents of 1st Year Boys 26/8/1966 ... Letters concerned with such absences should normally be addressed to The Form Master
Regarding start of 1st year at St Augustine's School
Invitation to Parents' Evening 26/8/1966 If one parent cannot come, it will still be beneficial for the other to come.
Regarding arrangements for Second Form Parents' evening
March 69 28/3/1969 Since this school is to have a long and glorious history
Regarding uniform, Organ Fund and Solemn Dedication
Invitation to Parents' Evening 26/11/1970 in order to learn about his progress and future prospects.
Regarding arrangements for Parents' evening
Offer of Place 20/5/1971 The Headmaster looks forward to hearing from you
Offer of place to parents of prospective pupil
To the Parents of All New Boys 18/6/1971 I am now inviting you to visit the school yourselves to hear my talk
Invitation to parents to meet Headmaster and see around school
Buffet Dance 1/11/1972 We presume that all your friends are friends of the school
Regarding Fourth annual buffet dance
Leaver's Certicate 27/6/1972 The aforementioned, was admitted to this the request of his parents, he was withdrawn from this school.
On Letters to the Headmaster 18/1/1973 I have the honour to be, Reverend and Dear Father , Your Humble Pupil
Regarding writing letters to Headmaster
July 1973 20/7/1973 I do not think any of you would ever wish it to become a school where uniform is not worn, or is merely a form of optional fancy dress.
Regarding forthcoming speechaday, exam results and Appearance of our Boys
Easter 75 26/3/1975 When I was a student for the Priesthood in the 1940’s
Regarding Prelates of Honour, Easter, Uniform, Exams etcetera
To Organ Fund Defaulters 16/5/1975 Please forgive me if I am mistaken
Regarding non-payment of Organ Fund
End of 1975 25/7/1975 As I compose my customary letter to you at the end of another academic year, news reaches me from universities throughout the country
Regarding the first Ten Years , staff changes, etcetera
Festival of Carols 1975 12/1975 to end the Michaelmas Term and inaugurate the coming Feast of Christmas
Invitation to Festival of Carols
Lent term 1976 5/1/1976 news of the examinations for entry to the Colleges of Oxford and Cambridge
Regarding Oxbridge places, Epiphany and Chapel fund
Examinations 1976 14/5/1976 Candidates are considered to be personally responsible for their attendance on the right date
Regarding examinations
Mr Shenton's Funeral 7/7/1976 ... The Head Master personally visited Mrs. Shenton to convey his condolences ...
Regarding death of Mr Shenton (The Farm)
Sanctions Memorandum 12/7/1976 the Head Master will be merciful in proportion to the speed and compunction with which they own up
Regarding Sanctions after flooding of toilets
Summer 1976 23/7/1976 a very happy year — perhaps the best so far
Regarding universities, arrangements for new term, examinations,demise of the stripes, etcetera
School Song Competition 1976 The Head Master invites entries for the composition of a School Song
Regarding the composition of a school song
Grand Christmas Draw 1976 29/10/1976 Christmas is coming, and we are planning the usual programme of pleasurable activities in which, we hope, you and your families will take part
Regarding a Grand Christmas Draw
Christmas1976 17/12/1976 there are times when darkness comes upon us: the days grow shorter
Regarding Christmas, an Oxbridge place and Chapel Fund
To Mark Brennan 10/8/1976 Amongst your many memories of your time at this school there will be one not so very pleasing memory which I am afraid I must recall.
Regarding repairs to vandalised door to roof
A Classic Letter 4/1/1977 Unless I am greatly mistaken, we are all agreed that this is a uniform-wearing school
Regarding uniform, Oxbridge places and staff changes
To Mark Brennan 1977 9/2/1977 So often in the past twelve years since this school opened I have felt lonely and unappreciated
Penultimate St Augustine's Letter 7/7/1977 It has been agreed by the Manchester Education Committee that the existing Catholic secondary schools in the City should close on Monday, July 11th next, in order that the staff appointed to the new schools may attend meetings organised by the Heads Designate.
Regarding imminent closure of St Augustine's
Final St Augustine's Letter 22/7/1977 St. Augustine’s Grammar School, which is the correct title at present of the establishment over which I have the honour to preside
Regarding reorganisation of Manchester Catholic schools, death of Mr McGuiness, coming academic year etecetera
St John Plessington Speech day Letter 29/9/1977 I am happy to inform you that we shall be holding our annual Speech Day and Prizegiving on Friday, 7th October
Regarding arrangements for St John Plessington Speech day
On School Policy 25/10/1977 In the matter of private study our pupils often reveal incredible immaturity; we must never weary of correcting them.
Regarding School Policies
St John Plessington Dec 1977 15/12/1977 To congratulate means to give thanks with other people.
Regarding arrangements for dedication of new school, Chapel fund, Examinations
St John Plessington Dec 1978 5/12/1978 The season of Advent has begun, and. Christmas comes closer every day. To end the term and to prepare for Christmas ...
Regarding arrangements Festival of Lessons and Carols
Fuel Shortages 1979 8/1/1979 I must tell you however that there are two major difficulties concerning us.
To Mark Brennan 1979 5/7/1979 I do not know where I am going, except that I am leaving here

Other Communications

MEC Acceptance Letter 14/5/1966 the above named candidate is offered a place ...
MEC 2nd Acceptance Letter 14/6/1966 a place in the above named school is offered to your child whiose name appears at the head of this letter ...
First Form Masters 1966-7 Masters Who Teach the First Form
School Calendar 1966-7 Terms and Vacations

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