8th January,1979

My dear Parents,

   I regret to inform you that for a possible period of a few days the School
will have to suspend the normal programme. I assure you that all boys who wish to
remain in school will receive every consideration and will be provided with a school

   I must tell you however that there are two major difficulties concerning us.
One is the lack of fuel which makes it inevitable that the Transport Authorities
will have to suspend their activities from 9.30 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily. The second
difficulty is that we lack heating fuel in our schools and we cannot, for more than
a few hours, maintain the statutory temperature. Consequently I am instructing your
boys to go home if they can possibly do so, but I am also advising them that if they
have no key to the door, or if their parents are absent, they are certainly enbitled
to remain at school and we shall do our best to look after them. But I think I
shall be compelled to dismiss them all after the midday meal, and I must ask that
they should not be sent to school for the next few days.

   I am assured by the Manchester Education Office that a notice will appear in
the Manchester Evening News stating when the maintained schools are re-opening.

   With much regret I have to give you this information, and I assure you of
the best co-operation with your wishes that I can manage.

Yours sincerely,

pp (F. J. McGUINESS)
Head Master