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Visitors Book 2001

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My dear visitor, thank you for visiting, the virtual home of the Old Boys of their alma mata, St Augustine's Grammar School.
All friends of this great school are cordially invited to mark the occasion of their visit by appending their signature and comments to this esteemed visitors' book.
However, be assured that in the event of inappropriate entries, particularly from those who have no regard for this school, these will not be tolerated and the usual and full measures will be implemented including suspension.

First visit to the site - I didn't even know it existed!
Tony Murphy <>
UK -

I stumbled on this site quite by chance and I feel as though a door has opened to my long forgotten past. I look forward to seeing how the site, and its activities, develop. Entry year 1974.
Mark Lythgoe <>
London, UK -

Thanks to Peter Fay for contacting me.The site is fantastic.I was at Augustines from 68-75 starting in Wonky's(1K)class.Got six of the best from Spike (along with John Lyons I think)for ripping up the back seat of the 371 bus
Franz Collinge <>
88662 Ueberlingen, Germany -

Fantastic site. Would like to hear from any of the class of '74-'79, etc.
Chris Doran <>
London, UK -

Why do you all live in America , what was wrong with Wythenshawe? Great to see names like Paddy Greenall , Chris Keeling and Tank ( the one man rugby team )on the site.

Remember when MR and TD burnt the school down . They new what was around the corner !!

PS I was not in the Smiths

Mike Day <>
Stockport, Cheshire UK -

Just found the website today, recommended by Mike Day who is now my brother-in-law! Loking forward to a possible reunion
Paul Dwyer <>
Bolton, Lancashire UK -

f****** mike day!November 73 thankyou very much for Frank O'farrel.Peter Oster last seen sitting on the wall at St Peter's exchanging air line pamphlets with the Andy Ritchie hope this answers your question.Barris walker,Ged Wood? where are they.class of 74 1k ged body,Johnathen box(related to Toby???),billy brennan ,noel burke,mark burns(rosey)anthony chadwick frannie (jesus was an spaceman)chochraine nigel clayton(mouse origonal!)sean conway(what a bad choice of friend you were you never came to school you bastard )paul cunningham(brilliant footballer still look for him on premiership team sheets alas to have had a famous member of 1k)bernard devoy (dead clever have you got a telly now?)chris doran(dosser scourge of bilko )mike duff(I'm still guilty about a fall out we had in 2Q)johnnie fowl,anthony ginty,paddy greenall(me)dave hamnette,martin (barney)harney,martin hough(pronounced hoy or perhaps it was hoy)sean kelly,jimmy mcshane gary meek (specially drilled hole in his teeth for spitting),stephen Mcgahn (spoofer)robert Moore,ian stewart(stew my dads a docker with a wig,generaly acknowledged cock of the year without really battering anyone,paul O'sullivan could have been a contender,too busy gigging to fight no doubt,willy westall was very scary!)Paul toal (todd living in a bog at present via cambodia)richard page (titch posh timperly nickname )paul wright,nearly forgot Peter Chapman(remember the O'jays ,stylistics,tavares none of that progressive crap for you and me pal).Was Peter Chapman really a spy.He really was 6 foot moustache and big muscles at 11,the real cock if any one dared to ask him for a fight.sorry if i've missed any one, I,m ok upto 17 0n the registar.
Does any one remember Barris Walker answering the register from a third floor ledge or the posting of clever quiet people through a hatch in starkey's lessons (fahionabally termed as bullying by pc educationalistsor ged body hiding in cupboards and calling out,or being suspended enmass on the last day of school by Jim Mooney (head)only to be reinstated before reaching the bike sheds.I still find things that happened at school really funny,but very little tops Spike playing something akin to i do like to be beside the sea side on the organ.

paddy greenall <>
stockport, manchester UK -

nearly forgot joey naughton and chris mullen i think thats the lot for 1k 74
paddy grenall
UK -

blimey add two of short proportions johnathan wolf and peter walsh.
paddy greenall
UK -

and ged griffiths!
paddy g
UK -

At long last I have managed to connect with your Web Site.
I must say I'm Impressed - not only with the Web page but also with the number of people that have already visited and left comments in the Visitors book. It must be the only school in the U.K. that has a web page when the school no longer exists, and the building was demolished over 20 years
ago. Well done to everyone concerned!

Tony Hartley <>
Holmes Chapel, Cheshire UK -


This site is developing into something wonderous. However,
serious business, we need to get some heads together to
sort out a mass reunion. Looking at this lot it appears we
could make a very good go of it.

Anybody interested please reply to me. I am prepared to
take on the bulk of the work so your parts will be easy.

ps if the lady with the e-mail address maccaisfit who has
made an entry is fit, I am prepared to make her an honourary
bloke and invite her to the reunion as well !!.

Martin Harding Class of '69 <>
UK -

for you details
2 Haddon Close
Alderley Edge

Married (20 years) 4 children Joanne 17, Samantha 15, Alexandra 14, Thomas 12

Richard Cummings <>
UK -

Just surfing around. Found your GB, so I thought I would add a line:)
Tim Pashly
San Diego, California USA -

Lots of long forgotten memories flooded back. Seems I came through relatively unscathed so the quack tells me ! Only kidding!
Tim Matthews ( Dibbidy!) <>
Sussex UK -

Fantastic to see the site. I got an e-mail from home telling me about it. As the son of one of the teachers - Denny Howells - I got a look from both sides. Got some cracking memories of Thommo Moore and Dave 'Bamber' Fearnley performing at post school functions at our house. I too have tried to impress students at the school where I teach with the fact that I used to go to school with Johnny Maher and Andy Rourke but now none of them have even heard of the Smiths.
As for our register, I can still remember it - it was called out on a regular basis by the remarkable Neil Creighton who was our form teacher (and, strangely enough our RE teacher!) in 1F.
Ahearne (brother to Caroline who wrote 'The Royle Family series), Axon, Barber, Bills, Box, Byrne, Connor, Culley, Delia, Fay (brother to Peter who I understand is responsoble for this site - well done Peter!), Gallagher, Hall, Harding, Harvey, Healy, Howells, Hulse, Humphries, Ireland, Jeffries, Johnson, Law, McCarthy, McCauley, McDade, McGrory, Nuttall, O'Neill, Reagan, Rowland, Tiernan, Willoughby, Wood - this fails to include Knob-Face Foster and Jock Smithson who joined us at different times.
We progressed through 1F,2Q,3T, and (I think 4Q and 5W but I'm not sure).
I've only just come to the site so I'll go and have a proper look, although what I've seen has been enough to cheer me up.

Phil Howells <>
Melbourne, Australia -

Phil! (Howells) We were definitely 5X in 77/78. I still have the exercise books with Ciaran McCarthys' graffiti accross the front (Pure Maths with Statistics)
Pete Law <>
Sale, Cheshire UK -

Good to see this site still going strong and looking so impressive. Will be back soon ...

Nick Wall <>
Manchester, UK -

thank God it wasn't all just a dream! the school did exist and was not just a lager induced fantasy. anyone remember watching a certain head boy lead the charge into sharston high? anyway enough of the fun stuff still see tony (gunter) ginty, mike (doc) doherty and mike smiffff.
now for the surreal bit - the b******s have given me a job as a teacher,I now have the pleasure of working with jim mccabe's son who reminds me i am getting old, and for the real killer in the punchline - i'm in charge of the inclusion unit, which had it been introduced 20 years or so ago would have played home to most of the people mentioned by paddy, including myself! looking out for any reunions

joey naughton <>
cheadle, stockport UK -

Have been known to sit with my dad, our Phil and (now brother in law) Pete 'Denis' Law talking over the events of our school of pyjama boys. Having taught for (too) many years now in Tanzania, Leicester and currently Rochdale I can honestly say that the worst behaviour I've ever witnessed ever was in our Catholic Boys' Grammar School. Ever. 1971-1978 was the time - Cock of the Year, Michael Wickham by common consent, except perhaps for the time Shay Dinan was put in our class: outstanding teachers included Richard Scrowston and Vinnie 'Chubby' Morrison among many; great (?) footballers included Nicky Sinclair and the wizard of the dribble Dave Meschi; Head Boys Ged Doyle and Steve Johnston; best impressionist Phil Beswick -but look what happened to Gary Glitter!; general funny fellas Kev Marshall, John Stevenson and (once spotted sneaking out of the toilets at the end of break, "Don't tell anyone, Mark, I've just wagged break") Joey McLaughlin.
So, where were the best places for Waggin lessons and what was the best put down line you ever heard from a teacher? Was there ever a school more full of eccentrics?

Mark Howells
Manchester, UK -

Amazing to think there is a website for St Augustines. My entry year was 1971 and I recognise all of the names in that year. I am still in touch with a number of former pupils. I do not think that many of them know of the site
Paul Coffey <>
Cheadle, Cheshire UK -

Found the site - no work done today! Not enough from the Class of 75 - Barrow, Bartlett, Beck, Bergin........Where is "Smelly" Howley? and Craddy. We all lost touch with Johnny and Andy when they became famous nice to hear from you boys. Johnny - remember wagging PE, bunking off to the library to play the guitar!!

Thanks Fitz for the nickname "Jeff" - still used today!

Who was on the 44 when it went to the Depot in Northendon cos we were trying to burn the top deck? The inspector came up with a cricket bat!! Met Paul Power in Italy and all he wanted to talk about was Augustines and's an institution. Keep the flag flying!

Steve (Jeff) Beck

Steve (Jeff) Beck < or>
Wilmslow, Chehsire UK -

Please use this e-mail address. I have another at home - but don't use it much.


Steve (Jeff) Beck <>
Wilmlsow, Cheshire UK -

Our Steve told me about this early this morning and now I've wasted half a working day reading it! Excellent stuff and good to see all the old names.

A whole heap of memories - three card brag in the corners of the park (with Kev Pratt, Mike Bruton, Flannie - are you there boys?), the whole class apart from about three people getting sent out of one of Jeff's physics lessons, 20 of us lined up in Spike's office to get strapped for singing football songs, having one of the RE teachers burst into tears over a prolonged debate as to whether Jesus rode into town on an ass or a donkey or just on his ass on a donkey!

Anybody remember Shay Dinan nicking Spike's strap on the day he left school and terrorising the upper deck of the 44 with it?

When I tell people about Augustine's they mostly don't believe me....but it was true and now I've got this site to prove it!

John Beck <>
Bramhall, Stockport UK -

Every time i open up this site i find names and events i remember as if they were only last week.

The original "Becks" (John and Steve) - i saw you guys gig at St Joeys School hall and i thought you would have made it "big".where did it all go wrong boys!what was the group called??

Phil Howells launching a board duster at the speed of sound only for my forehead to stop it instantly.i still have the scar Phil.

The images are flooding back -
Kenny's tuck shop,
Joker Jeff's "Here we are at Aintree" with the world on a stick,
Matthew's Segs hitting polished floor, and Matthews hitting shiny polyester covered rear end with strap - OUCH!,
Tobogon runs down the slope in winter,
Late passes for living in Sale,
overcoats, no stripes on my blazer, and reversible football / rugby shirts. oh yes and polyester shorts.
The short cuts through Gatley on cross country runs,
Sharston getting on the 44, Hollies girls on the 41
bully boy tactics from a certain prefect..
Destroying other pupils Chemistry experiments by adding food to growing Copper Sulphate crystals.
lighting gas taps, connecting bunsen burners to taps.
toffee logs from the farm, the smokers buying fags.
turning up on saturday for football in school uniform,
my first docket & Spike asking how many whacks i wanted and not taking none as an answer.

I could go on and on.......

Keep the stories coming in. LOVE IT.
Steve Law

Steve Law
Sale., UK -

Steve Law - I'll give you an update on the message board so's I don;'t clog up the visitors book
John Beck <>
Bramhall, Stockport UK -

A brilliant site, with loads of memories. They weren't all that good either. Can anyone remember Spike bouncing off the corridor walls because he was out of his head on the communion wine ?
Can anyone remember "murder ball" ? Who was the lad who ended up in hospital ?
How about the fights we had with the lovely kids from Sharston ?
That's about it for now,

Bill Murphy <>
Oakham, Rutland UK -

It's nice to see which teachers are still alive and sad to think Kenny Starkey will never again throw me out when he'd had enough. He always called Michael Halton, "Halford"
Pete Good < >
Manchester, Lancs UK -

Years 1971 to 1977. A real surprise to find this site existed. Will come back to it as often as I can
Andrew McHugh <>
Stockport, Cheshire UK -

Well done on producing such a fantastic site.This really is a memory treasure trove.
I got the contact from steve "tunni" tunnicliffe (76-80).We're looking to set up a get together of the '76 intake in Sept/oct so any contacts well appreciated.
Quick few memories from me:Spikes face when he had walked us first years to the bus stop,seeing the opposite bus drive past with every kid hidden,but flicking the "V"'s at him.
Jessett stopping the choir singing at the freetrade hall,because we were crap.
Jon "fungus" Hall (RIP) refusing to wash some kids vomit off his car on principle.
Kenny....playing and losing to Yew Tree and future England international Paul Stewart regularly...Sharston kids climbing the far fence and running off from 3 teachers....ending up in A+E after murderball....listening to johnny marr in the music room,thinking he could be quite good (smiths)...billy donnellys brother setting a classroom on fire............I'll be back jez

jez griffiths <>
nottingham, notts UK -

I see referrals to a game called murder ball. We had a game called BENE BOOTEY invented as I recall by Tony Greenwood who is mentioned as the pupil being punished after being sent to Spike's office for completing an outstanding piece of work. The 'rules' if they can be described as such were that if the ball in a game of football played in the small playground went into the corner created by Harry Rigby's maths classroom jutting out the game morphed into the St. Augustine's equivalent of the Eton Wall game where the ball was a bit of an irrelevance untill accidentally kicked into normal play in the course of aiming a kick at an opponent who could have been a team mate. It did get out of hand especially when people kicked the ball into the offending corner but I don't recall anyone actually getting seriously hurt.
barry brennan <>
UK -

I remember my First day at St Augustine's like it was yesterday. The 169, the 44, the farm for a fag [2.5p for 1 no. 6]. My eldest daughter starts secondary school in September, tempes fugit!
Billy Brennan <>
manchester, lancs UK -

Thanks to Jeff Beck for pointing the site out. Can't believe so many people have fond memories of the Green Room !!!!
Still in touch with some of the guys from Wythenshawe and still occasionally see ex-PE teacher/boy wonder Dave Hewitt down at Old Trafford (he also still drinks in Didsbury).

Paul Cochrane <>
Warrington, Cheshire UK -

Well done to all concerned in creating this web site.
Its sad to note those who have died. I've particularly good memories of Harry Rigby and Alan Shaw.
Niall Giblin
Hong Kong
16.3 2001

Niall Giblin <>
Hong Kong -

Well ..... I've seen some input from Brennan and Toft, what about the rest of the class of whenever it was - especially the (almost) unbeatable rugby team!
I've encountered "Jonah Lomu" Sweeney (Wilmslow) and "Knickers" McGee (Philadelphia) from the '66 (?) intake over the past couple of years but that's about it.
(Thanks for the pointer Barry)
Best Regards
John Kilkenny

John Kilkenny <>
Stockport, Cheshire UK -

Lots of nostalgia passes through this site. I think most visitors have forgotten about the bad times and are just re-living the good times. SA was a brutal place at times and it became a lot more brutal when it turned into SJP. Some of the SA teachers were pretty scary - I remember being terrified of Jessett,Hall and a few of the others. I certainly remember faking illness to get out of recorder tests. The PE staff were psychotic. Anyone who recalls the Gatley run with affection must be deranged - The Gatley was torture masquerading as self-improvement.The journey home on the 44 or the 371 from Gatley was usually a nightmare. Does anyone remember circuit training???? Woodwork & metalwork were just excuses for the class idiots to persecute anyone they didn't like and generally speaking I recall that bullying was actively encouraged by the staff, presumably because it was meant to improve our characters.

I have some magical memories of SA. The Xmas carol concerts were magical in a way that will stay with me forever & I remember being profoundly affected by theatrical productions I remember being staged at SA.

However, I shudder when I think of the finishing lines of those bloody letters we used to have to write to Spike each year - Dearest Monsignor, I have the honour to be your humble pupil!!!!!!

My memories of Spike are of him wandering around the school blind drunk. I seem to recall him falling off the lecturn drunk one morning.

Did anyone else loathe SA/SJP?

Martin Wilson <>
UK -

Well done on a superb site. Alerted to it by brother Phil (best impressionist according to one of your visitors -he hasn't changed!) Product of class of '67 (Barney et al. - that is Simon Barnicott) Catholic education is incestuous (unfortunate word, I know but it's certainly a small world). Want some strange connections? Here goes. Appointed to my first history teaching post by Terry McSweeny - Headteacher at St. Peter's in Bury at the time (1980) and one of the best Headteachers I have worked for even if he did put the fear of God into me as a pupil (No, he didn't lift me off my feet by my sideburns at interview!) Appointed to St. James, Cheadle Hulme, by a governing body including Bob Abbott and Chris Glynn! Have met Jim McCabe at GCSE syallabus meeting (he's a Principal Examiner). Have worked with Paul Clarke, ex-Augustine's, at St James' (excellent PE and history teacher) brother of Steve who was also class of '67. Here's the really important one (from a purely pecuniary point of view) - the external assessor who determined whether I was worth an extra two grand a year as a decent teacher, as part of the threshold application process, was one Pete Foley (retired Head of Barlow High School, Didsbury) - my form teacher back in the Summer (well, early Autumn) of Love - 1967 to those of you of a tender hue. Is your recent visitor Joe Naughton the same Joe Naughton who was a trainee in my history department eighteen months ago? (We, me and Clarkey that is, reminisced about Augustine's - a bit of a coincidence - write and confirm Joe!)

As a teacher I can safely confirm that some Spike's letters to parents border on the outrageous in these days of litigation, US style - I fell about laughing. The one about organ fund defaulters is worthy of 21st century Barclay's. I can now use much of the info as the basis for in-service training with teachers! Having made initial contact further reminiscences to follow.

Alan Beswick <>
Stockport, Cheshire UK -

1L, 2J, 3S, 4R?? Can't remember the rest...Just revisiting long forgotten memories ( many deliberately pushed to the back of my mind!!)with many quiet chuckles. Good to recall some good mates.Hope the other b******s who made my life hell for most of my sentence there got their just desserts!
Tim Matthews <>
Sussex UK -

PS: Think yourselves lucky that you didn't have to have Spike coming round to your house, stinking the place out with Gin & Hi Karate and throwing up a long prepared dinner into the downstairs bog!Then expecting to be driven home. Wasn't easy for the staff either!! God rest his soul...

Tim Matthews <>
Sussex UK -

OK so I just missed the Augustines bit. I joined in the second year in 1977 after a transfer. By then the SJP rot had not quite set in but did so quickly the next year. My elder brothers Greg and Tex gave me plenty of stories about the earlier years and I did get to wear their old stripey pyjama blazer for a little while. Keep up the good work webmaster.
Jason Birch <>
Harpenden, Herts UK -

Firstly, I must thank Steve Tunnicliffe for christening me "stinky kid" in 3rd year (I think). I was assured at the time that this name bore no reference to my personal hygiene, but to Steve's desire to give all his mate's ridiculous nicknames to see if they would stick. With me it was a success. However, his greatest success was giving the name "Toxic" to Michael Thorpe. It was the punk rock era, need I say more.
Michael "Stinky kid" Start <>
Wilmslow, Cheshire UK -

I have just read many of the entries and things have started to flood back.
Does anyone remember the incident in assembly when we reduced Mr. Matthews to a gibbering wreck with the massed coughing attack as he took to the stage. He completely lost control and after screaming at the massed school for several minutes he concluded with defiance and claiming he was a "nice man". Well that name did stick.
Does anyone remember the fire in the first floor class room at the end of term. With the school forced to sit on the bank, as the fire brigade attended, the local nutters from Sharston decided to take the entire school on, scaling the front fence. It was the greatest sight to watch our highly trained PE department set off to initiate the skurmish. Unfortunately, Wythenshawe's finest did not fancy their chances.
I remember well the Gatley run - which in early years always fell on a monday morning - one could only conclude that "Jack" Jarvie was still hungover from playing rugby for Manchester on Saturday.
Does anyone remember Billy "white" shoes, a mutant midget called Doody and his other psycotic mates'. The Grammar School boy's sometime fell prey to these idiots - I remember the state of Anthony Cannon's double black eyes - with the teaching staff having no desire to get involved.
I vaguely remember Spike's passing - and the rousing rendition of "for all the Saint's" at the requiem mass.
I also remember the vicious and sadistic B*****rd (allegedly of course) who ultiamtely replaced him and Mr. Matthews. This only facilitated the further demise of the school into the shambolic SJP.
My Mother only recently told me the story how Barry Thorpe and Richard Scrowston advised her to take me out of SJP as they warned her of how things would deteriorate.
All things considered - St. Augustine's got the three Start boys through school, Chris (class of 69) was head boy, Ged (class of 73).

Mike Start <>
Wilmslow, UK -

Home address: 9, Kentmere Close, Gatley, Cheadle, SK8 4RD; Work: District Judge, Salford County Court
Mike Hovington <>
UK -

This is great, now I can find the truth about my brothers, (Chris, Ged and Mike Start). Must check if there is one of these for Stockport Convent, where I believe a great number of you had sisters.
Joanne Morris <>
UK -

Ah the memories....
Peter Oster hiding (or was he thrown in by the bigger kids)in the cupboard during Pop Smith's Latin...
Converting the air pump into a high power nail gun during Control Tech lessons - they never worked out how those nails got in the ceiling...
Bunking off by climbing out of the woodwork room window half way through a lesson...
Getting caught carrying an air pistol in a shoulder holster...
Gun fights down by the motorway...
Sean (Gav) Gavin being hospitalised after getting a pellet in his eye...
Gary Chapman's excuse - "I aimed at his nose, I missed"...
Happy days!

Ged Start <>
All over the world, but mostly UK -

Anyone seen my `O` Level books? They were in a bag by the partitions but they probably look a bit charred now!!
I still see Nick Mannion, Andy `Charlie` Brown, Dave `Jim` Kierman, Shaun `Hoppy` Hopkinson and they still look just as bad!!

Philip Lowe <>
Trafford, United Kingdom -

Just found the web site - a lot of old memories came flooding back. Excellent work!! Anyone who wants to get in touch, please e-mail me.
Dave Sweeney <>
UK -

Just been told about the site by Steve Callaghan. Very interesting. Brings back lots of painful memories.
Steve Clarke <>
UK -

Monday, September 5th 1967...
Reprimanded by the headmaster for raising my cap with my left hand.
Tuesday, September 6th 1967...
Set my first piece of homework by Mr Denison: Drawing Treble clefs on a music Stave. Talking in an English lesson: Picked up by my sideburns by Mr McSweeney
Wednesday September 7th 1967...
Two strokes of the strap on my arse for doing my music homework in pen.
Thursday September 8th 1967...
Forgot my PE kit. Bollocked by Denny Howells, two more strokes on my arse, with a great big size 11 pump (the first of many)
Friday September 9th 1967.. "How was school love?".."Great mum,I think I'm really going to enjoy it!!!"

September 2000. On medication for nervous disorder. Recently released from Happyvale Psychiatric home.
Nnnever dddddid mmmmme any hahaharm!!!

Steve Callaghan <>
UK -

Enjoying my work at Happyvale Psychiatric Hospital. Great to see so many of the 'Old Boys' here! Pleased to hear that Steve Callaghan is doing well after his recent spell with us. I managed to wean him off his extreme aversion to sheet music and sports footwear. Steve has now left us to take up a career in teaching.
Steve Clark <>
UK -

Hello all!
I arrived at Augustine's in 1971 after being lured there by the size of the footrball field in front of the school. I have often thought it would be great to have a re-union but this site is more thasn the next best thing. I still keep in touch with a few old boys - John Grundy, Tony Lyons, John Stevenson - but sadly most is just a memory as is the site itself. If anyone remembers me and would like to get in touch please do - I'm up here in sunny Finland and have been since 1983.

Mike Nelson - Class of 1971.

PS Great Site!

Mike Nelso <>
Turku, Finland -

I don't know how long I've been on this site, but it must be getting on for a couple of hours. I started off by reading about Spike and looking at some of those outrageous letters he wrote to our parents. I just laughed out loud. It probably wouldn't be tolerated today, but I think we all knew where he was coming from. His school had to be special and I think he succeeded in making many of us feel special too. It gives me a sense of quiet pride to think that my old headmaster was the biggest pain in the arse for the Manchester Education Committee. I quite like to emulate that kind of behaviour when the cause is just! I only recently discovered that, when I was deemed "not a suitable candidate for a grammar school education" (not by anyone within the school)that it was Spike who fought my corner and made sure I stayed at St. Augustines. At the age of 12 I had no faith in my own abilities, but I'm eternally grateful that he did. I'd even forgive the man that terrible aftershave that he used to wear (it was t he sixties after all). And what an impressive bunch of guys he got together to teach us. Although games was probably an area where I underachieved more than most, I'd particularly like to meet the softly-spoken Denny Howells again. I remember the torture of cross-country runs through Gatley (and following the pack up some woman's back garden, around the side of the house and out into the road again). I developed a theory that I only actually had one lung, which explained why I was such a crap runner. I would like to meet Denny again to claim the packet of crisps he once promised me for not coming last in a race, and to tell him that I now quite like running and have completed two London Marathons. I have also discovered that I have two lungs.
My first form master, Pete Foley, also sticks in my mind. I remember my very first Latin lesson (I forgot all the others)in September 1967 (when San Francisco was where we really should have been). He stood up from his chair saying "surgo", walked a couple of paces "ambulo", turned and walked back "rewenio" and sat down again "sedeo". Now if you can remember a lesson thirty-four years after the event, I think that makes him a bloody good teacher. Cheers Pete. I wonder if he ever sorted out the rust on that little red Triumph Spitfire?
I look forward to seeing everyone at the re-union.

Vincent Dolan 1967-74. 1F, 2S, 3N, 4S, 5Y (??)

Vincent Dolan <>
London, UK -

A well presented website, keep up the good work! That sounds like a teacher's pun, doesn't it?
Chris Mazzitelli <>
Warrington, Cheshire UK -

I didn't think I was a sentimental bugger, especially after John Stevenson rings me at 08.01hrs (on my day off)to tell me about the site, but it is very special. It brings back some great memories.Cheers.
Mike McNicholas <>
Stockport, Cheshire UK -

Thanks to Mike Nelson for forwarding this site on to me. It's brilliant, the memories are flooding back.Particularly fond of the time me and Steve Hampson got a lift to school in the back of a police range rover. They were really considerate and took us right to Spikes office. OUCH!!!!!!

John Grundy <>
UK -

Was tracked down and put on to the site by co-1971 pupil Andy McHugh.
Congratulations on such a detailed history of the school.
I will be surely visiting again - would be nice to compare notes with 1971 captives via e-mail!

Paul McGagh <>
Prestatyn, Denbighshire UK -

Well worth a nostalgia trip! I hope you manage to find a 1972 year photo. I don't think I've got one.
Peter O'Connor <>
Rosny-sous-Bois, France -

Wow - I'm in a state a shock having just had a quick whirl around the (great)site, after having been tracked down (appropriately) by Jim Toft. Barry Brennan - the game was called Bene Boot (as in the Latin - although as I was, I think, slung out of Latin in year 2 for being caught carving a game of noughts and crosses in the plaster of a pillar in the classroom, I can't really claim to be a Latin authority)- Angelorum Coheredes!! I think I'll have to go and lie down now for a while to recover.
Best to all the Pyjama Boys

Tony Greenwood

Tony Greenwood <>
London, UK -

Delighted to find this web site and have added one of my fondest memories. ( See message board.)Would love to hear from any one at all who wore the magenta stripes between 71 and 78.Love to hear about the Farm for a fag, Bosley's history lessons, Maths with Kenny and the class going Heap, Heap ,Heap. Have kept in touch with Mike Nelson, but where are you Meschi, Byrne, Halton, Bell, Stevenson, Nugent etc??
John Grundy <>
UK -

From the class of 1970 comes a big HELLO! I've visited some crazy websites but this tops the lot. This brings back memories ranging from sheer terror to utter hilarity.
Ged Bowers <>
Southend-on-Sea, Essex UK -

hi, just discovered your site. Came to see Journeys End many years ago. Just wondered what happened to some of the cast; Johnny Gill, Mark Greenall, Ged Battle etc. Johnny , I've got your 'Imagine' album!
Get in touch ; it'll be great to hear from you

lucy <>
matlock, UK -

Great Site ! Hello to anyone that remembers me. Starters in 1970 are a bit thin on the ground !
Paul Bridge <>
Chadderton, UK -

I never imagined that there'd be a site to Augustine's. Harry Stratton, who is now our PP, mentioned it the other day and I'm impressed by the efforts you've put into it.
I enjoyed the message boards, particularly as my brother in law (Nigel Hillary) is referred to in one of the postings ( the fire-a prank too far) as a latent hippy!
I'd be interested in up to date info on what old boys are now doing with their lives. The only class mate (1972 entry) I keep in regular contact with is Peter Carroll - he is standing as liberal democrat candidate in the forthcoming election against Michael Howard in Folkestone.

Andrew Weaver <>
Poynton, Cheshire UK -

From my point of view you were all a bunch of louts and needed some firm handling. Haven't any staff found out how to switch on one of these infernal machines yet ?
I married an English teacher at Plessington. Damned fine school. Damned fine woman.

Nigel Hillary <>
Stockport, Cheshire UK -

Gobsmacked is the word! I was lead to the site by an obscure entry of Dave Espley's on the Stockport County Mailing List. This is excellent. It's only just reminded me how much I have forgotten. Not too far of 40 now:-(

Excellent site, I doubt I'll make the 2001 reunion, it's a bit far from Sydney, but if I win the local lottery I'll be there!

To Phil Lowe, Nick Mannion, Charlie Brown and the rest of the City Fans. Who'd have thought when we were at school that Stockport County would be beating City in the League AGAIN next season! I know that never did.

Martin Ralphs <>
Sydney, NSW Australia -

This is an execllent site, bringing back many old memories. If any of you (intake of 75) remember me I would be pleased to receive an email.
Jim Mutch <>
Manchester, UK -

Brilliant!But where's the rest of 1F? other than Phil Ryder?Dave House is my brother-in-law And I know where Johnny Crinnion and Tony Cooper are. What about Nelly Ainsley, Johnny Cool,and people like Sid Zdanowicz?Our Ged told me about this site- totally freakish- who else remembers the "Matthews coughing wars" of 1972?? or the big lock-out? 24 out of 28 of our music class got the strap in 1968 by Dennison in the Green Room for not attempting answers!
Weird school but great memories (and a good education???!!!)

Jim "Gyppo" Bowers 1968 -- Where the hell is Jarlath "Wally" Walsh?

Jim (james) Bowers <>
Morpeth, Northumberland UK -

Jim Toft rang me to tell me about the web site and like other, logged on and the time flew by and backwards. Is it a male menopause thing that as you enter the second half of your life, you yearn to run around the virtual playground of the first half. The site is great, restoring the memories long lost in alcohol induced brain fade. Has anyone got a copy of the letter published in "Football League Review" which condemned Spike for complaining about parents allowing pupils to time off to attend the Man Utd European Cup Final in '68? Why does the site not mention the first performance in Manchester of that memorable Augustine production "The Government Inspector". And has it ever been performed since? Great Site, keep up the good work
Fred Stanton <>
Tyldesley, Gtr Manchester UK -

Good Site. I was on the Hadrians wall trip 1974. It would be interesting to hear an account other than my own, I remember Barry Tickle doing a streak along the wall in the pouring rain after we had a whip round, probably about 50p, tell the kids of today and they won't believe you.
On the last day of school July 1977 Mr Thorpe stopping the obligatory tearing off of your mates uniform and sending us to the green room for the strap ON THE LAST DAY! But he did relent after giving us a grilling. Oh the memories.

Terry Stanton <>
Wythenshawe, Manchester UK -

Stumbled on this site by accident. Joined in '65 as a second year. If my memory is correct I was 'strapped' on the day the school opened for chewing in the lines. Spike asked me to sign the log book for posterity. I was more concerned about my posterior!
Leo Connolly <>
Baildon, West Yorkshire UK -

People don't believe half the things that went on at school. Fungus was some kind of psychotic and should have been allowed nowhere near teenagers; he once sent me out three times from the same lesson because he thought I had not been given enough strokes with the cane; remember him sticking his pen up his nose and the tie from the jumble sale? I still have the scar on my hand after being bottled by Sharston. 1K had two years without a form master, can anybody remember Mr Brookes? Still in touch with Martin Ralphs, Nick Mannion where are you? Joe Naughton a teacher, blimey! Tony Ginty thumping Fungus, yes!!! Still, it was an interesting 5 years.
Noel Burke <>
Bromsgrove, Worcs UK -

I guess my first memory of St Augustines, is the impromptu football matches on Hollyhedge park. As I was the smallest person in my class at 3 foot 3 when I arrived in Sept 74, I guess I had to be given the nickname 'BIG'. My first contribution to the school was to score a hat trick of headers and I think it was Mike Day, who said those imortal words, '3 foot three eyes are blue, big Jim Kierman after you' and so it has stuck !!
The biggest change besides my size is now my politics. I have been trying to 'break the mould' for the pass 20 years, and lets hope this year we can do so. For my second time in my life I am standing in the Sharston ward, so check out the site !!!
It took me 20 years before I returned to the school site and to walk over the Sharston hill !!
To think of all those evil PE lessons when we were forced to run up and down it by 'MaCaulwain' and co...
My Chess is still of a good enough standard to play for the county 3rd team, of which I am captain !
and yes Johnny Marr of the Smiths was a good chess player !!
regards to all....
Drew, Nick , Phil , Greg in Hong Kong , etc....

David 'Jim' Kierman <>
Manchester, Gtr Manchester UK -

Getting my memory back in gear - one key name that is missing from my year (72) is Phillip Chicot - he left after third year but remains in our memories not least because his name was not deleted from the register. Forever more he will be known as Phillip Chicot (Absent).
Ged Start <>
UK -

Just returning Peter Fay's visit to the Hollies web site. So you don't have the only web site dedicated to a school that no longer exists...see the Hollies web site at
Similar, but different, interesting....

Margaret Derrington <>
London, London UK -

At last, a home for itinerant St. Augustine's Old Boys. Congrats to the Initiators. You've rekindled a few distant memories and given us a base, despite loss of bricks and mortar. I also remember Denis Murphy, even if nobody else is admitting it!
Keep up the good work!

George Noworyta <>
Stockport, Cheshire UK -

Too much to take in in one visit, names and faces I had almost forgotten, thanks to Nick McKie for pointing me in the right direction ! fantastic memories. Saw Terry Finn a couple of weeks ago, now Inspector Finn of the GMP ! Greetings to all especially Class of "74 ! keep in touch.
andy walsh <>
Sale, Manchester UK -

Also returning a visit from Peter Jay to the Hollies Web Site. Ever though of doing a history of the school Peter? Don't! It's taken 2 years of my life so far to reasearch and start writing the Hollies History. Some of the photos can be found on the Hollies Website - why not put a link to it?

Like the layout of your site although I found it a biut confusing at first - is this due to your site provider? Ours has replace the front page with a What's new page that confuses ME let alone visitors.

keep in touch. I have info on the Top of the Form but not the book of which you have the cover. Do you have a copy? I think I also have a reference to a MEN article with photo which I will dig out if you remind me, in August, when I am home.


Pat Harris (nee Mooney) <patricia,>
Hitchin, Hertfordshire UK -

Just seen this site and it brought back so many memories of what was a great school. I rember sneaking out to the "farm" buying the smokers kit - 1 cig - 1 mint and 1 match. No to mention the infamous fights with Sharston where all the chairs would amazing ly lose a leg or two for the iminant fight. The burning down of one of the classrooms and those teachers with amazing personalities.

Mr Thorpe who preferred talking about sex than teaching Latin, Mr Scrouston who always had an articulate put down, Mr McKenna the irish french teacher and so many more not to mention the larger than life Spike (monsinor mcguiness)

Andy Lomax <>
Manchester, Manchester UK -

I was told about this site by a friend, and I was amazed!

Reading the visitor's book's also a laugh. I was actually a Plessington boy 77-82 but remember plenty of ex-pupils and teachers.

Yes most definitely Mr Thorpe and his sex lessons (and some Latin thrown in!). Once made me do lines because I wasn't paying attention. "Dico means 'I say'" about 1000 times. Handed it in the next day, and he told me he was only joking! He bought me a pen for doing it though (good chap).

Also, Mr Adrian Jessett. You could tell the mood he was in by the distance he flung his briefcase from the door. A door to desk throw was not a day to speak without being spoken to! Always had the utmost respect for him, and still do.

Has no-one remembered a woodwork teached called "Citroen"? Looked like an all in wrestler. Frightening bloke.

Good days, most of 'em!

Peter Clark <>
Manchester, UK -

An amazing site! Part of the class of 1974 and very surprised how many names I remembered when I saw the class lists. Good luck to all of you out there.
Terry Finn <>
Manchester, Gtr Manchester UK -

Vinny Petrykowski just put me onto the site, its awesome. Too many hilarious events rushing through my mind to name one, just remember having the best laugh. Well done to all involved. Will put our kid onto it. Cheers Peter Booth (Barrow, Barclet, Beck, Bergin, Booth....)
Peter Booth <>
Hong Kong -

Good to see the old school held in high affection. Cheered me up no end remebering the old stories and visualizing the faces as they used to be. Good luck with the web site and the re-union, might even see you there.
Paul Booth <>
Poole, Dorset UK -

What memories after all this time.Hello to all the lads from intake of 74.Glad to hear that Tank's (Dave Williams)violent streak has gone,hope you have'nt gone all born again on us mate.Yes I remember a match fight on the upper deck of the 44 bus!(and the pain that followed when 4 of us took the rap for the many!)Does anyone remember the skiing holidays organised by Mr.Jackson (physics)? I've got some photos in the loft somewhere if the webmaster is interested.Terry Finn hasn't changed a bit and in spite of everything I'm still a handsome bugger! Good luck to all the 74 lads wherever you are and whatever you're doing !
Sean O'Callaghan <>
Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire UK -

Brilliant site. Oh what memories, 5p for 5 Park Drive from the farm shop, that sadist Dennison, spoking first spliff in Chorlton cemetery with Kieron Higgins & cracking up at Joker Jeffs (Bealey) jokes that afternoon. Mike 68 to 75.
Mike Hudson <>
UK -

Got to echo 'Killa' John Kilkenny's sentiments about the lack of entries from 'older' pupils. Just notified Webmaster of a few more positive id's on the school photo. John, I think we joined Augustine's the year England won the World Cup. Like Fred Stanton, the alcohol has had a traumatic effect on the brain cells so I couldn't be sure?
Did nobody else spend a term avoiding Spike - trying to let their hair grow - only to be ambushed in the last week and told to go and obtain half a crown (what's that in new money?) from the adorable Mrs Farr and then be sent to the barber's shop on Hollyhedge Road? Short back and sides was not the best way to start the summer hols!
Thanks to the '69ers for a great site. Lot of hard work gone into it.

Eric Oates <>
Bolton, UK -

Just found the site - really brought back memories.
Saw names of so many people that I've not seen in years.
Anyway I'll visit again soon - however feel free to email at the above.

Dominic Fitzsimmons <>
UK -

Great Site. Memories came flooding back, nearly all of them good. The '44 Bus', the Fire, the scraps with Sharston (and Yew Tree on one occasion), the Staff(both good and bad). Good to see so many familiar names.
Was I the only one who enjoyed running the Gatley !

Pat Toolis - Class of 75 <>
middlewich, Cheshire UK -

Directed to the site by Pudding's sister, Mrs (Jeff)Beck and didn't know whether to laugh or cry - in the end did a lot of both !!! Think I spotted Stevie or John Beck on the choir photo ? and Aidie Gaughn at the back. I used Jessett's rehearsal technique to great effect, in my case harassing drummers to the point of tears !
So many memories came flooding back, some painful but mostly, with the aid of rose tinted hindsight, hysterically funny. Did any of you guys ever check out Steve Clark's ("Sir - Clark smells!" - band Lawdy Mama ? Awesome! They supported my band on many occassions - brilliant - Mike Grundy has tapes I believe.

Memories:Me & Jimmy McDaid signing up for tennis lessons with Madame Fairhurst (those legs & that skirt)only to get Jessett in his McEnroe phase ! Fran Connor adopting a dog from the park & putting it on the register (R Johnny ?)Fran Connor telling Kenny he saw Sharston coming across the park on pogo sticks from the window & running out screaming he was scared; Chanson d'Amour & humming in class, Bamber's song to the tune of the Addams Family (his trousers are elastic/his shoes are made of plastic etc). The nicknames were priceless;staff & boys - I howled remembering Knob Face (sorry Keith) & Boite (Mark Box)- Spike is a whole book in himself. I think the reunion should be really cool - really looking forward to all the stories.

Thanks to the Fays for a brilliant site ! A Light in the Black. It looks like there was a pretty high survival rate after all - looking forward to seeing you all again !

A large helping of fondness & rock'n'roll to all of you

Si (Jimmy) Johnson

Simon (Jimmy) Johnson <>
Manchester, UK -

I couldn't believe it when I came across this site. The older I get, the more I think of St. Augustine's. Very few happy memories for me, I'm afraid. My brother, Jeremy, was in the class of '65, and I was in the class of '72, so between us we saw every year of SA's existence.

Hugh Ranson, California

Hugh Ranson <>
Santa Barbara, California USA -

Fantastic site!Didn't we have some great times at the old school.So many stories come flooding back.Still see Nick Mannion,Phil Lowe,Jim,Steve Bills.Who can remember the time poor John Costello was kidnapped from our lunchtime cricket match and was later seen creeping back into school across the park in just his 'undies.I think Mike Day and his gang were responsible!Great days,best wishes to all!!

Drew 'Andy' Brown <>
UK -

I have just discovered this site and it has certainly brought back a few memories! I was from the class of 65 and having just read with interest some of the anecdotes concerning Spike I thought I would tell all you 69 boys that he was given this nickname by Ged Greenhaulgh who also
started in 65. I can remember distinctly how we were discussing Spikes prominent proboscis when Ged came up with the name and it stuck. Have a good reunion.

John Lally <>
Penzance, Cornwall UK -

Just had the nod from Tony Chadwick that the site existed. Have to echo the sentiments already expressed, but can't remember what Paddy Greenall should feel guilty about.

Great to see so many names from 74-79. Not impressed with the mugshot, but the camera never lies they say.

Will return having stirred the memory banks.

Mike Duff <>
Shropshire UK -

It's nice to see so many sad old geezers with rose tinted specs who have so many happy memories. The photos are brilliant. If only I'd known then what I know now.
Tony Chadwick <>
UK -

Brilliant site, Nick Mckie puit me onto it. Hello to all the class of '74, particularly 1M. Has anyone heard from 'Mac' Moroney? Howdo Tank? Does anyone remember the scramble to get on the 44 bus every night? Sorry to hear about Ken Starkey & Mdme. Fairhurst, I still don't know why she called me Eric. Barris Walker, the best goalscorer I've ever seen. Hello to Phil and Mark Howells, tell your Dad I still can't use my left foot.
Aidan Columb <>
Sale, Cheshire UK -

Brilliant site. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Alex Dowd <>
Manchester, UK -

Great to see the website. Have often wondered what happened to everyone. Some of my best and worst moments occured at Augustines. I became a teacher and then a Deputy Head myself, and often reflected on my experiences at Augustines before I dealt with any miscreants, and that included the students.

I now live in sight of the Rocky Mountains, with 30C in summer and -30C in winter. You'd all love it out here. But I still miss Manchester, the pubs, the humour, the accent.


Anthony Hulse

Anthony Hulse <>
Calgary, Alberta Canada -

That should read Or try
Anthony Hulse <>
UK -

Hello all!

I was idling away surfing when I happened across this site. Didn't realise such a thing existed. Checked the names of all my year mates (1968)and it sent a shiver down my spine seeing the roll call again. Photos of Spike/school brought back a lot of memories. I paid the school one last visit just before it was demolished and stood on the stage. I could still hear all the lads belting out the hymns we used to sing at assembly. Tried to get Spike's 'Headmaster' door sign but someone beat me to it! In one of the classrooms, underneath a pile of rubbish, would you believe, I found one of my old class registers - spooky or what? Checked my results in 1st/2nd year and, yes, they were as bad as I remember them. Would love to hear from anyone. Well done Matt, keep up the work with this site - you've made an old Augustinian very happy.


Jarl(ath) Walsh

Jarlath Walsh <>
Manchester, Grt Manchester UK -

i was only told of this site yesterday by tim callaghan, and already my wife is very annoyed because of the time i have spent on it. it is a brrilliant site and i only wished i had known about it years ago keep up the good work. stuart 1975-1980
stuart busby <>
stockport, cheshire UK -

Just browsed the web site, will come back for more as I used to say to Spike (RIP)! Brings back some great memories, pity I can't remember too much of my Latin!
My regards to all out there, staff and co-conspiritors alike. Will add to the "six of the best" list of stories one day, of course I was always guilty!
Jon Hulse (class of 73)

Jon Hulse <>
Kingston, Ontario Canada -

Most Reverend & Dear Webmaster,

I have just stopped laughing/crying afer my first visit.

I have the honour to be,
Most reverend and dear Webmaster,
an old boy class of '73.

Nice one !

'Henry' Fielding <>
Nottingham, UK -

Must be very bored to not only have found this web site but also to have read it! amazing, only attended 69 to 71 but so many of the comments ring true...See I really made my entry on boys list...can't access punishment book...maybe thats cause you know I could fill it! Still thanks brings back many memories all of them worth while...heres to johnnie smith,pete copell,pete brocken, tex rouse,birch brothers,the twins,stevie caffrey,and all the suspensions,beatings,smokes and SBYC on friday nights, happy days hope all are well and have enjoyed the leaving as much.
Paul Moran <>
AUDLEM, cheshire UK -

I've taken a Monday off as leave, purely for the joy of doing nothing very much apart from wasting time, when I came across the site through a link from the Friends Reunited site. Frankly I was gobsmacked. There is something very disturbing about finding a photograph of your long forgotten 11 year old self drifting in cyberspace. Looking up the old names and seeing some of the photos wasn't only fascinating, it was moving. So far I've only skimmed the guestbook, but there are lots of names I remember- I'm looking forward to a wallow in nostalgia. My best mate at school was Mark Greenhall (Class of 69) anyone heard from him in the last 30 odd years? I'll check the site regularly now I know it exists... what's all this about a reunion anyway? When's the next one?

John Gill (1969-76)

John Gill <>
Ramsbottom, Lancashire UK -

Currently living and working in Italy, but expect to be back in England next year. For some unknown reason I ended up becoming an accountant, and am Finance Director of Smith & Nephew's Italian subsidiary
Michael Swinburne <>
Milan, Italy -

Great site. Not enough names from '73 entry. Still got all the programmes from Speech days at Free Trade Hall (sad!)
Paul Philbin <>
Stockport, UK -

Absolutely amazing - I stumbled across this site by chance today and have just spent the last 2 hours 'surfing around' instead of working - the best 2 hours spent in quite a while. Congratulations to all involved in putting this site together, I'll have to call my Mum up in M/C to see if she has kept any old photos.
Adrian Fedyk <>
Guildford, Surrey UK -

In a strange sort of way I miss it!
Phil Calnan <>
London, UK -

I registered with 'friendsreunited' a few months ago and from there saw the link to this page. As I visited the page for the first time and saw those familiar stripes appear a very cold shiver went down my spine! All credit to you guys who put the site together and maintain it. "Great Job" as we say here in the States. Like many other posts I have mixed, but vivid, memories of the school and I hope to share some stories as I recognise some of the other names. PC.
Paul Cartwright <>
Sterling, Virginia USA -

Bloody Hell!!
Hiya to anyone who remembers me.Gonna try to make this re-union in Nov 2001.BoB,Class of 1974.

macclesfield, cheshire UK -

Only discovered this site great memories dicovered a picture of me and Mike Brennan (Geography) in a compromising pose in the 1975 staff rugby match.
Aidan Dooley <>
UK -

Just found web site and its brought back many memories - some good and some not so good and some very funny!!!!!
Paul Leeming <>
Stockport, Cheshire UK -

first time visitor. Brilliant to see site.
Terence Healy <>
manchester, UK -

Stumbled on this site by accident but am enjoying every minute of it,in a strange sort of way.Glad to remember some of the names from my 1970 start,but have not seen most of them since I left in '76-maybe I'll get to the reunion in November.
Regards and best wishes-great site

Pete Humphreys <>
UK -

Brilliant website,lots of memories come flooding back Johnnie Maher playing his guitar at dinner time, a lad in the year below us who would be sick in a bucket in the green for you if you wanted half a day off, the chickens at the farm shop eating fag dimps,Mr Starkie letting you have mars bars on 'tick 'from his tuck shop,The Fire, A bomb scare before a mock exam! playing rugby against this team that had a lad about six foot four and four of us had to tackle him to stop him , and lots more
Robert Renshaw (75 intate) <robert@jrenshaw .freeserve>
Hale, Cheshire UK -

I've been visiting the site for some time - there are so many good things on it. Planning on getting up for the reunion, hope to see as many as possible from '73. Hope the Police Sports and Social Club has large toilets since they are certain to be packed with lads grabbing a quick smoke where the teachers can't see them.
Jon Axon <>
Cholsey, Oxon UK -

Funny isn't it, but from 74 to 79 I thought I hated the place. It's only when real life hits youu that you remember the times both good and bad. Billy Westhall with an axe in his locker during the 1979 bomb scare, winning a fortune at brag every lunch time as a 5th Year prefect, the prefect strike after Jim Mooney 'sacked' us all after the match fight incident, being 5'2" in 4th year - an easy target for a 'PILE ON' and having to interupt a good game of cards during a french lesson because Tony Donnelly torched the class room.
I also had the added problem of being Jim Mooneys nephew and every time I stepped out of line I would be let off the'whack' with the equally painful threat of 'what would your father say if I told him'. Psychological warfare or what.
I still see Andy Brown, Phil Lowe and Jim Kierman regularly at Maine Road - Ralphsy its good to see County in their rightful place.


Nick Mannion <>
Altrincham, UK -

Just spent 2hrs. laughing at old stories, characters,etc.from this superb site. Many thanks to the Fay lads for setting this up. My years at SA started in '74. I would be grateful if you changed my name on 1M class list to MIKE (not MARK ) Chapman (nickname Chappy). I've done many bad things in my time since witnessing so much mayhem at SA, but shooting John Lennon was not one of them. Thanks to Tank for getting my name wrong .I'll get one of your letters wrong next time,mate! ps I'm a TEACHER now and have just put the shits up my Y9 stroppies in a Y9 assembly telling them about TOMMO MOORE and his levels of punishment .Anyone remember?
Mike Chapman <>
Evesham, Worcs. UK -

what retrogressive facination...
dave marsland <>
Manchester, Lancashire UK -

Would like to hear from class of 68 1L
Henry Dillon <>
portsmouth, hants UK -

Congratulations, a great site.
I'd thought it was all a dream til I saw the stripes.
Happy days. Just off to the farm for some sweets.

Mark Allcock <>
Uttoxeter, Staffs UK -

P.S. did those tennis courts ever get built?
Mark Allcock
UK -

An amazing site it brought back many memories many of them repressed
I’m sure the therapy won’t be too expensive though
The best memories are of playing cards with Stefan Cymbalisty,
David Meschi, David Byrne in class ( sometimes during lessons),
in the toilets, during assembly, In Hollyhedge park, in a motor boat
on the Avon in Stratford, In the rising sun during speech day
I’ll always remember five aces beats a royal flush

Paul Kilkenny <>
Stockport, Cheshire UK -

Its nice to see that St Augustines didn't disappear with the bricks and mortar. This site has brought back some happy memories that have got lost in the shuffle over the years. SA was progressive in some things. There weren't many schools in the seventies that had golf lessons as a games option! Mind you, they didn't help me!
Andrew Hall <>
Preston , Lancashire UK -

Only just got my head round this computer,and this is the 1st site I've discovered,absolutely fantastic,I'm addicted,but you could be responsible for divorce proceedings,I'm spending so much time on it my girlfriend's convinced I'm in the porn channel.Not seen too many of my motley crew in it,I think,like me they got scared off computers after Thommo More's binary lessons,especially Nelly,does anyone recall that slap he got from Thommo,it still rings in my ears,and more to the point,what about that punch I got from Bamber in Geography,I probrably deserved it.Hello to John Beck,I remember your weekly opinion polls on the best rock individuals,I put down Noddy Holder as best vocalist and Kev Pratt called me something that sounded a bit like his own surname.It was the years when Utd were bad,and I seemed to be the only Utd fan who knew any songs ,once inciting a riot in our class,where the whole lot of us got sent to Spikes, who was it who fainted after getting just one of the best.Anyway well done again to the lads who have created this site,I'm off to the beach now to reminise,and recall some of my memories all those years ago,will be in touch.
Des Cox <>

Just found the site. Haven't seen any of the lads of 75 since I left as been living down south. Brings back many memories...most of them crap. Sorry to hear about Ken Starkey. He always called me a "Bloody Fool" and often led me from his maths lessons by my ear. (Still can't grasp algebra) Remember getting six on my first day for playing Top Trumps at the back of Mrs Woods French lesson (Spike said it was nothing personal but wanted to make an example of me.) Also got Six with the "Big" strap for writing out the alternative Psalm 29 from Pink Floyds' Pigs on the back of my Physics exercise book (thanks a lot Beesley!)
Seem to remember Steve Beck, Cheesy and Tony Carter had aspirations as guitarists also. Did any of them make it big ?
Beans is in the Navy and Wiggy is some sort of Pharmicist (found something from them on another
Regards to all who remember me.
Ps - Dave Hewitt once told me that Spike told him, after he had been ousted, that he had seen some grafitti in the boys toilet which said "F**k of Mooney.Bring back Spike". Spike's comment to Dave was "I couldn't disagree with that"

John Ross <>
Gloucester, UK -

Great site,great job with the reunion,
am impressed, however-I have been placed in the wrong form group. Should be in the 1F group with Flash etc. It's not a strapping offence

Willy Burke <>
Stockport, UK -

Looked for my name in 'sporting heroes' but there seems to be some mistake...
Paul OConnell <>
Manchester, UK -

NIce to find this site - anyone who remembers me please get in contact
Rich Dacosta <>
York, North Yorkshire United Kingdom -

I've only just started to look through this site and it looks fantastic.It brings back loads of memories-some good,some bad.I was at Augustine's from 70-77, and leaving was one of the saddest days I can remember.I notice in the letters from Spike there were 3 to Mark Brennan. I think the first one was to the Mark Brennan in my class (a bit of lad,our Mark!) and the other two were to the Mark Brennan in the year above me, who was a brainy lad.
We had more than our fair share of characters in our class:-
Paddy Bennet,Barney Beswick, Ged Bowers.... I could fill this site with stories.
Some sad news-John Dennison died a few years ago.
I'm hoping to get to the reunion in November, I hope there will be a good turnout.


Barney Booth
PS. I not that computer literate, but I've got a short video with Spike on it-if anybody can let me know how I could download this on the web site I'd be grateful!

Barney Booth <>
Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire UK -

I have only just found this site, and would suggest that you also look at; this is where I found this site. Amazed at the names I remember and the ones I have forgot. But more importantly the old mates I've not kept in contact with. All we have to do is email to start the thing going. Look forward to hearing from anyone. Dave
David Thompson <>
Manchester, UK -



Countless hours of mindless surfing have not provided a fraction of the pleasure I have received from the last couple of hours on the SA website. I have no doubt that impending mid-life crises heighten the desire for nostalgia, but that does not detract from an excellent site which has provided me with plenty to reflect on - some of it sad, but most of it, happily, hilarious. Many congratulations to all involved and special good wishes to the 1974 entry.
Howard Stevenson <>
Loughborough, Leicestershire UK -

Year entry 1968
34 Chollerford Close, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 4RN
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Married (wife Marian) three teenage daughters

I often think of the old place. Amazed to discover this web site. Hope to see everyone on 9/11/01!

Peter J Briggs <>
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK -

You guessed it: the Briggs' have just found the web site
Richard Briggs <>
Oxford, UK -

Can't tell you how the site has made my day. Pete Briggs told me about it. I'm still in touch with some of the guys. I would be great to hear from any of the '68 year and anyone else who knew me.
Laurie Wilmot <>
Harpenden, Herts UK -

laurence whitworth <>
northchurch, hertfordshire UK -

I have been living in the wilds of cheshire and seem to have lost touch with all the important things in life ,eg, football.
Can any of the Reds and Blues out there from SA who still go to the games tell me their respective teams fortunes over the last say. erm, 25 years ?

UK -

Wot a site. Brings back so many memories, (not all good). Sad to hear of the demise of Mr Rigby but glad to see old Panda is still alive and kicking. Will visit again soon for some more blasts from the past.
Nigel Green <>
Wigan, Lancs UK -

Hi to all those t...... of of 79-79. Thought id best say hello and Thanx for what where good times.
Barris Walker <>
manchester, UK -

Recently discovered the site - brilliant. Loads of memories, forgotten names & faces came flooding back. Contacted as many as I remember from the "original" boys of 1965. Most entries seem to come from the 70's. So if there are any more of that first intake around please get in contact.
Mark brennan <>
Stockport, UK -

Oh dear, oh dear....and I thought Augustines was just a distant memory long forgotten. I found out about this site from my daughter...sad eh! What memories came back. Have spent the last 2 hours sat in front of p.c. laughing loudly, going misty eyed and then peeing my pants at some of the memories that sprang to mind. Strange to see the register in alphabetical order...I've tried years of therapy to get that out of my head and now its back lol.
Was telling someone just the other day about the fags from the farm (guess i'd remember that!) ...they wouldn't believe me that adults could be so irresponsible (as if I'm responsible!)as to sell fags to school kids, seperately, for 3p... what a great place.

Anyone fancy e-mailing me please do so. Might go to the reunion...have to see who's going!!!!!

Excellent site.

David Carroll <>
Manchester, UK -

Like many others listed here,I stumbled across this site by accident. What memories it's stirred!
I was one of the 'original' 1st year '1st Year' pupils of St Augustine's (Technical)Grammar School who joined in the school's opening year, 1965 ~ class H1 then 2R 3K 4X and 5X I think..... there was a smaller 2nd year intake of (mostly) transferred guys from another local Catholic school if my memory serves me right. (St Ambrose?)
I have only seen a couple of other entries from the original 65ers,(messrs Rob O'Brien and Mark Brennan)~ sorry folks,I can't picture you, although the names seem familiar.
Anyway, feeling all nostalgic, I've just 'dug up' my old school file (reports and 1st & 2nd Speech Day programmes from 11 July 1967 and 9 July 1968 - [sad old sod eh!]~ felt like I was back there in the old 'Free Trade Hall' singing in the choir (yuk!) on that old big stage for a moment).
What a brilliant school. V progressive for the 60's grammar school establishment. Many memories, good and not so good.
Great pals ~ Mike Crewdson, Paul Power, Charlie Quick to name a few.
One regret, I spent was swimming in sea at St Malo, France,(or was it Cherbourg?) on SA's 1st school trip ever ~ whislt England were thrashing Germany in the World Cup 1966 .... why didn't I watch that game?
Too many memories to make a decent entry here at the moment. I'll have to go away,regroup,remember and return, hopefully to add something a little bit more coherent than this.

Paul Stevenson <>
Hazel Grove, Cheshire UK -

great site have been on for hours,class of 74-79 feel free to get in touch,yes i still support Liverpool f.c.

Dave Hamnett <>
bolton, UK -

Wow. Almost overpowered by the nostalgia rush! Great site - thanks to 'Jeff' Beck (who I saw last Saturday for the first time in nearly 20 years)for the tip off. Nice to read the recollections of so many of my own contemporaries. My own memories of my time at SA are mainly of great friendships (Espley, Patullo, Roalfe et al...), great fun (mainly!) - and perhaps the wierdest collection of teachers ever assembled at a single school! The feeling of terror was almost tangible when Music lessons with APJ were imminent. The school only existed for about 25 years so we belong to a pretty select bunch. Good wishes to you all - and if you remember me, get in touch.
Cheers - Marky "wiggy " Whelan

Mark Whelan <>
New Mills, Derbyshire UK -

What a wonderful site! The nostalgia was overpowering - so many great memories. I discovered this site as an indirect result of our erstwhile Music teachers alledged actions, but I am glad to have found it. I live in London now but I plan to come up for the ReUnion in November and hope to see more of the Class of '75 then.

Simon Withers <>
London, UK -

I joined in 1972 yiou have me listed as Patrick Aylward,

I use Joseph as my full name is Patrick Joseph Aylward, I still see old school mates around and I will tell them of this web site

Joseph Aylward <>
Manchester, UK -

What a trip down an old memory lane. St Augustine's truly was a unique experience!! I do as it happens remember digging up the quad to try and turn it into a croquet pitch! I can just picture the horrified caretaker - "your digging it up to turn it into a bloody croquet pitch!!??"
Peter Dunne <>
UK -

What a mind blowing experience to come across this site. To see the roll call of 1F from the 1968 intake was a trip down memory lane. I left to go to Australia in 1969 and have ultimately lost touch with the old boys. I would ove to hear from any of the 1968 intake. Thanks for this website!
Phillip Halsall <>
Adelaide, Sth Australia -

What a great surprise. Excellent site - thanks for taking the trouble to create and maintain it.
Tony Sweeney <>
Wilmslow, Cheshire UK -

Paul Bird <>
Manchester, LANCASHIRE UK -

Class of 72
Gerard Langan <>
Stockport, Cheshire UK -

Best hour I've spent on the Web all year ! Great memories - mainly happy ! So who remembers the ski trip to the Dolomites in '74 ? Or the cycling trip to France in 1978 ? Why do I just remember the holidays ?? Maybe this site triggers so many memories as the school buildings themselves are gone, so a virtual community is all we've got !
Damian Hickey <>
UK -

My brother Jason Birch sent me a link for the site. Now I've had to subscribe to a 100 hour free trial from AOL in order to keep the bills down!

I knew my memory was bad, but it's coming back now, slowly.

'71 Photo:

Number 40, Row 6, Clive Hadfield (67).
Number 35, Row 7, Brian Davis (67), I think.
Number 56, Row 5, John O'Donovan (65), brother of Mike O'D(67)
Number 30, Row 6, John Rigney, I think.

Still see Martin Cummins and Terry Mahon regularly. Might drag them to the reunion in November, if there's any tickets left!

See you then.

Tex Birch

See you then

Tex Birch <>
Stockport, Cheshire UK -

Class of 66. Put onto this site by younger brother (Paul) and have already wasted far too much time @ work looking through it. A few pointers for classlist, if memory serves, it's Michael Hollins and Stephen Page. Last I heard Colin Macalister was with Stockport Council (ex mayor?). Also what about Martin Scholey and Steve Yeardsley. Sorry to hear about John Dennison. Kept in regular touch with Harry Rigby until he died. Its great that MacSweeny is still going (when my son -age 11- complains about his teachers I point out some of my (sideburns) exeriences with the original Big Mac when losing a yawning competition). Really pleased to see that Augustines still exists even if only in 'virtual' form. Any memories of 'Royal Imp of Fame?' particularly Dennis Murphy as Walter Blunt and Chris Start in drag?
Chris Blaydon <>
Aberdeen, Scotland UK -

Excellent web site - well done!! Amazing to see so many familiar faces - certainly brings back the memories! Also, a touch sadness seeing that so many people who influenced me have died.

Look forward to the reunion 9 nov - see you there!!

John Fitzgerald <>
Handforth, Cheshire UK -

Former pyjama clad resident @ SAGS from 1971-1976.
Many highs & lows but memories and incident aplenty.
Does anyone remember the infamous "Great Art Room Robbery"
instigated by my ex junior school rogue Martin "Fingers" Brabazon.Spike put the fear of "god" into all guilty persons who practically gave themselves up at Assembly the following morning- me included.For my sins I received 3 of the best for "handling".
Someone must have some memories of our Speech Days/Nights @ The Free Trade Hall.Like the majority I used to turn up like rent a crowd to acclaim the chosen few which turned out like "An Audience with Richard Briggs,Colin Tiernan etc...."
Privileged to be in the same football squad as the multi-talented Nicky Sinclair.Nicky and fellow midfielder Dave Meschi netted between 80-100 goals between them in one season.!
Notable ex classroom scholars were Des McGinty,Barry "the mouth" Hayes,Steve Livesey,Ally Chapman and my best mate Andrew Higgins(ex Cheadle Hulme)who I have not seen sight nor sound since my departure in 1976.
John Hollins,Davyhulme,Manchester.

john hollins <>
manchester, lancs UK -

I came across the website totally out of the blue after receiving an invitation to the reunion. I have just spent the last two hours rembering what it was like to be eleven years old. It is fascinating. Thank you to everbody who has put it together. I smiled at the story of John Stevenson wagging break, he was a good laugh, used to call himself Councillor Stevenson as I recall. I remember Mr. Scrowston as well he introduced me to love of English literature, thank you if you are out there. I remember he used to make us spell "diarrhoea" as a punishment sometimes. By the way, I do not know where somebody got the idea that I played rugby for Manchester boys, I was pretty poor at anything that involved chasing a ball around.
Michael Healy <>
Surrey UK -

e mail update.
looking forward to the 9th november
see you there!

UK -

Why a 7 day timetable? And was it only me who wanted to take those little cubes out of the master timetable outside the office and mix them up to see what would happen ?
John Fitzgerald <>
Handforth, Cheshire UK -

Class of '71 - I have come to the conclusion that it was all a dream (nightmare). Once they knocked it down I was free to re-invent myself, now this!!!!
Andrew Higgins <>
Snarestone, Leicestershire UK -

Fantastic ! Unmitigated joy on finding this site. Keep it up guys. I was in the class of '71 - '78. After moving around a bit down to Aussie, am now living in the US. All be it seconded over here for three years.

I got hitched this year, and brought along Nick Moss and Greg Howel. A bunch of us still vaguely keep in touch - Simon Wood (Woody), Pad McPartland, and they are in touch with Mike Douglas.

I distinctly remember being sent out of Scrouston's class for singing "No" - at the very top of my voice. I was sent down to Spike with somebody else. The first boy bent over and was given four of the best, but Spike then discovered a text book hidden in the other boys trousers and gave him two more. Seeing this, I took out the text book I had hidden down my trousers !!!!

Graham Young <>
Princeton, New Jersey USA -

I am glad I found out about this site. There are so many people I have lost touch with. It is great to be able to read about the things people have got up to, and some of the things we got up to then.
Sean Wallwein <>
Darlington, Co Durham UK -



Well I was amazed when I stumbled across this site. I had assumed all things “St Augustine’s” had disappeared with the demolition on Sharston Mount. How wrong I was! Browsing through all the contributions brought back many memories some good and some not so good. Looking back now it certainly was a strange place to spend 7 years however the experience must have been good for us as we all seem to have been reasonably successful in our own ways. Maybe Spike’s ‘unusual’ methods had more going for them than we realised at the time?

I belonged to the very first intake of ’65 – only a few of whom seem to have found this site. Yes I remember that first day in September 1965 getting of the bus, proudly walking up Stancliffe Road into the school drive in my new ‘Pyjama’ uniform and cap. I was rather anxious not knowing anyone and who should greet me at the entrance – Spike. This is a memory I will never forget, an awesome figure towering above me, dressed in black gown, mortarboard and highly greased black back-combed hair! Oh dear, all was very very different from the little primary school I left in Levenshulme.

This was a brand new pristine school built at a cost of 300,000 approx !, who would have thought it was not destined to last any more than 25 years?

Did you know that when it opened it was officially called St Augustine’s Grammar / Technical School. Within a year or two the ‘Technical’ was dropped making it a ‘pure’ Grammar school, something I’m sure Spike had a major influence in changing.

Remember ‘Big Mac’s’ method of ensuring the English homework was completed – the very thick plastic ruler ‘upper cuts’ and the ‘sideboard’ tug – actually rather more than a tug! Then there was ‘ducking the flying board rubber and chalks’ in Alan Shaw’s maths class (god bless him). I don’t think I would have passed my Maths and English GCE’s without this gentle persuasion. As for Spikes selection of leather straps – well the least said the better!

Some of the ’65 intake will remember Alan Shaw’s cheese and wine parties held at his house in Tottington , Bury. He was something of a home wine enthusiast and it wasn’t bad either! Then there were the ‘non-believers’ sessions with Fr ‘Harry’ Stratton either in a quiet corner of the school or at his place. From what I remember these were discussion sessions to guide those of us that had strayed from the Catholic family and put us back on the correct path. I’m not sure how many were guided back, but they were good friendly discussions, it was good fun and I’m sure we are all living good Christian lives (if perhaps not Catholic ones!). Anyway, all interesting memories of a time gone bye.

Since leaving in 1972 I seemed to loose touch with everyone from the year except Paul Worswick . I regularly meet up with Paul and his family to this day. I am married with two teenage daughters and live in Disley, Cheshire. Apart from a very short period in accountancy I have spent the last 28 years working in the IT industry, currently as a data storage consultant.

I know I have a lot of old photo’s, letters, and other Augustine’s memorabilia from between 1965 and 1972 stashed away in the loft. When I get chance will sort them out and have the interesting bits posted on this web site. So watch this space…………

If anyone who knew me would like to email please feel free to do so.


Brian Thomas <>
UK -

1974 - All those names & faces from years ago... and the memories are coming back!!!
Nice to see you all again..

Chris Mullen <>
Bradford, W Yorks UK -

First visit after being told about the site by Tony Lyons.
Thanks To', it looks addictive. First thing I note is that
Harry Rigby has gone. Sorry to hear about that, a great teacher
I owe a lot too. Must come back when I've more time.

Simon Terry <>
Sunderland, UK -

Hi to all the Year of '71.

Having received an invite to the reunion last weekend, I have found the website addictive and hugely entertaining this week. The memories flood back. It is a very professional website and a testiment to a lot of effort. Well done and I will certainly be keeping contact!

In Year 2, I remember receiving my first work back from Scrowston where there were about 10 "also"s circled in red pen and all linked together and getting a sarcastic rebuke. When writing reports for work, I still avoid using "also" to this day!

I am trying to get a group together for the reunion and make the trip back to Manchester.

Greg Howell <>
Droitwich Spa, Worcs UK -

Found the website via friendsreunited. Hi to anyone who remembers me. Anyone hear from Dave House or Paul Holmes?
Returned to the UK from 16 years Japan, USA, Singapore, malaysia in 1997. Enjoying life back in blighty.

John Davies <>
Wimborne, Dorset UK -

What a great site! My own 'treasured' memory is the coughing that engulfed the hall whenever the Deputy Head was taking the assembly. Talking of the hall, the chairs we sat on were not very helpful if the person behind took a dislike to you, as they did not protect you from a good kick up the arse!
Norman Kavanagh <>
Bury, Lancashire UK -

Excellent idea to set this up and keep the Old Place alive. I remember well having the crap beaten out of me - 6 visits to the green room in my first term for such trivial pursuits as standing on the (already wrecked) flower pots. Is this a record? Things could only get better - and they did, sort of. Just the occasional encounter with the Monsignor, who insisted that I thank him for six strokes on my backside. People (who went to less idiosynchratic schools) think I must be scarred for life after such experiences. I think I found it more traumatic seeing the place gone to a housing estate. Fond memories include waking Pop Smith up from one of his in-depth nostril searching reveries in his office in the Sixth Form Common Room, John Whatnall (then Head Boy) throwing up in my lap in front of Spike and Harry Rigby at the first (and of course, last) Sixth Form Social, and getting awarded 0/10 for a recorder exam in Form 2. Hello to everyone in the '68-'75 year. Hope you were not maimed by the SA years.
Mike Devoy <>
Hereford, UK -

One of the class of 71. Left to do a degree in Pharmacology and Physiology in Manchester, Then I did a PhD in Leicester. I have since worked for Pfizer, I am now an Associate Director in the clinical devlopment department. I am married to Elizabeth with 3 children.
Paul Quinn <>
Ashford, Kent UK -

I had a call from Chris Bowden about the reunion - can't make it and look forward to the next one.
Driving past the now housing development I wondered what ever happened to numerous people as it is hard to believe leaving the school in the summer of 1974 was actually 27 years ago!
Best wishes. BB

Bernard Brown <>
UK -

Great fun looking at this stuff!
John kawalek <>
Sheffield, S.Yorks UK -

An extremely "spooky" experience. Do I want all those memories?
Martin Blomley <>
London, UK -

greetings from cider country. See you tonight!
ciaran mccarthy <>
UK -

What a great night! Thankyou to those who organised every thing It was great to see everyone and renew old friendships
Looking forward to the next one already

Robert Renshaw
UK -

Dear Sirs,
I think it's disgusting that a not yet mature 11 year old boy with erupting facial pimples should be exposed in such a sadistic way. Next time you decide to publish a picture of my goodself at such a tender age, you will be well advised to contact my lawyer first. So there!

Christopher Jeffries <>
UK - Manchester, Lancashire UK -

Well,well. Harold Wilson was PM. England were World Champions, I could get a Mars bar for less than a shilling, Cilla Black was a pin-up and I arrived a Augustines with thick legs, short pants and a silly cap. I was in 1 something, 2 something all the way up to and including 5 something. I was what the Americans would call a "Jock". So alas I am not one of the school educational successes though I did manage a few exams later in life.
How wonderful a fading memory is. I remember with affection Spike saying " Sorry about this Mogger old chap but bend over."
But back to the Jock bit. Where are all those footballers from the 66 team. We went 5 years with only three defeats 2 against St. Kevins(Liverpool) and Wilbraham High. As for the basketball team, (Pete Lear, have you stopped growing yet?), I can not remember a single defeat in 5 years. No wonder I failed at the exam bit.
So whats my claim to fame? Well how many other Old Boys can claim to be National Football coaches? Denny Howells will be proud. Yes I am in sunny Montserrat in the Carribean and National Coach of the football team. Ranked by FIFA as 205 in the World.(Out of 205)You will be glad to know I have just had a vote of confidence from the MFA President. There is only one way to go, up.
If I get the sack I will have to fall back on my other job as Superintendent in charge of development for the Royal Montserrat Police.
Love to here from you 66 guys or any of the Woodhouse Park possee. Take care all.

Paul Morris <>

Excellent web site, i found myself (not literally) in 1971 trying to put names to faces. Sorry i missed the re-union this year, all being well i will definitely get to the next one.
John Bell <>
Manchester UK -

The reunion...what a great laugh. Really good to see friends from the past. Sorry to see it end. Can't wait for the next one....excellent fun!
David Carroll
UK -

Thank you so much for taking the trouble to produce this site. I've had three hours of absolute entertainment. I have to say I hated every moment of my career there and was so glad to get out. Looking back it is hard to remember the bad bits and so much more satisfying to remember the good laughs. It seems a shame now that so many bright young men used their talents in the pursuit of mayhem and rebellion with little else to distact them, but it was definitely fun at the time. I could be wrong but I think myself and Paul Tickle hold the all-time record for most visits to Spike as a pair. The most curious reason we "got sent" for was when Willy Muir wrote on the docket "ironic laughter". We stopped at the library en-route to Spike to look up what we'd done in a dictionary. Needless to say Spike's cure for irony had a whiff of leather about it. I'll certainly revisit and look forward to further revelations. Sorry I couldn't make the reunion but I look forward to the next with relish.
Mike O'Kane "Oggy" <>
Cheadle Cheshire UK -

Still in touch with several of the year of 1970 although noticed one or two ommisions from the list. Tim Smith sent me an e-mail recently...he is training to become a VICAR - that's what a Catholic education does for you...
Paul Keeling <>
Altrincham Cheshire UK -

74 - 79 just spent two amazing hours, didnt know the site existed until last night. Haven't really kept in touch with anybody but would love to hear from any old class mates.
claim to fame:- knocked out Johnny Maher in a scrap by the bike sheds after being prompted by Dave Wrafter "you could ave im".

John (Jack) Riley <><>
Bredbury , Stockport UK -

Just found the site - brilliant! Unfortunately being one of the '65 originals' suddenly felt much older. Was not the only Swindells to spend a happy childhood at St A's - brothers Martin (66?) and Alan (69?) also had the pleasure. Another ex pupil with some claim to fame - Tommy Barretts brother appeared in Coronation St for a number of episodes as some brat from some family!! Intend to keep visiting the site - nostalgia is a sign of aging.
John 'Jack' Swindells <>
Stoke-on-trent, Staffs UK -

But wasn't the 'Great Art Room Robbery' really just part of the Great Bus Pass Forgery Scandal?

Steve McCabe <>
Roseau, Dominica, WI -

Distant memories:
of 'running the gauntlet' (crossing Kingsway) to catch the 371 and watching Howard Stevenson (very cool and into heavy rock) evoke eyeball popping scream from woman passenger in car doing 70mph as he decided that he could just make it!
Lots of queer teachers - scary! Not a place to go sick eh!
remember the green room and Gobo!
Seeing the cute french teachers expression when announcing m 'talk about something controversial' was about leagalising prostitution! (it was serious)- Proffit fell about laughing!
Sitting at a petrol station at 6.00 am in the morning with Div's (his folks were away for the 2 weeks preceeding the A levels)planning how we could avoid all the imminent grief by running away to Scotland and shooting rabbits to live on!
Watching that 'big lad' twat Fungus - excellent!
What happened to hoppy? Run to the farm for no 6 fags!
Occasionally see div's (Bernard Devoy) who's in Edinburgh.
Who was the nutter in the spades?
Dossin' good site !
I've only just heard about the reunion, sorry I missed it.

Andy McCann <>
Cheshire UK -

Just having a look on the web for family stuff when i came across this site. I'm a first cousin of Gerry Sundquist (1967)- now deceased. His mother Brenda(deceased) and my father Tommy Foley(deceased) were brother and sister. Nice to be able to fill in a bit of background on family.
Mary O'Callaghan <>
Fort Wayne , Indiana USA -

Class of '68. Amazed to drive past Sharston Mount a few years ago to find a housing estate... more amazed to find the website and awaken old memories.
I'd love to hear from anyone from the 1968 year - hopefully I'll get an invite to the next reunion !

Terry McCarthy <>
UK -

I didnt think there were so many people interested in the old school...amazing...i was there from 65 to 69....and the lads i remember were..paul power,alan keane,danny hussy,john "roger" warren,steve caffrey,bobby o'brien,pete coppock,bryn kelly,master "bates" and of course "SPIKE".There were many more but too many to recount on here.We were the originals who graced the school when it was still a VIRGIN.....oh happy days....some of the teachers i recall.....dennis howells(great pe teacher),Mr Brennan,Mr Mcabe,Mr Sweeney,Father Stratton,Father Abbott (who conducted the service at my mums funeral in 91..what a shock it was to see him and he still remembered me)....great web site....i will visit it again and again and again.....if anyone remembers me and wishes to get in touch by all means do...i still live in manchester and support the mighty BLUES...
Mark Sanders <Mark@sanders1111,>
manchester, UK -

I have just been told about the site by Pete Law who I couldn't remember been in the same year !!!!!!
I am in awe at the memories that have come back after reading the stories. When I have more time I will post again.
Good wishes to all old friends.

Dave Conville <>
Sale, UK -

I now live in Twickenham (London) with my family ( wife and 2 boys) I know Martin Blomley and Jeremy Constant very well, would love to hear from other mates from form 1T ( intake yr '65)Make be could make a reunion
Roger Donbavand <>
Twickenham, Middlesex UK -

Was a criminal lawyer and have recently given it up to become a cycling and sustainable transport officer for SUSTYRANS based at Lincoln.
Nick Moss <>
UK -

I've been looking for this site for ages .It was good to see all the old class names, I had forgotten some of them.Like most of you I have returned to the site of the old school and even retraced the dredded cross-country run. But this time went for a pint in the pub.
Anthony Cooper (Emil) <>
Bury, UK -

Just found the site. Brilliant - someone's been working hard after a misspent youth! Tonnes of memories flooding back, shame the school is now a housing estate. Will be back soon! Cheers
Mike Finch <>
Wilmslow, Cheshire UK -

Great to see al the old names - it certainly brings back a few memories.

Tim Wyatt <>
Wirral, Merseyside UK -

Amazing sequence of flashbacks! I was part of the first intake into Year 2 in 1965. As the place wasn't built when we left primary school, we spent a somewhat surreal first year in the annexe of a decrepit Victorian primary school in Longsight under the aupsices of St Greg's of Ardwick and mixed in with some of their own. After that, St Augustine's was futuristic with everything state of the art, although its amazing and sad to see how short-lived it turned out to be. My recollection is that Spike felt us to be second class citizens given our year of mixing it with the 'riff raff' from St Greg's and coming mostly from off 'the Estate'. He was always much more inclined to the Year 1 intake as many of those had been selected to attend and were drawn from more well-heeled backgrounds. Apart from the obvious Oxbridge cringe, he was always competing in his mind with St Ambrose in Hale from whence he came. However, we did had the irreplaceable pleasure of being the first to do everything - first to use the gym, first to represent the school at football (an away match at All Hallows which we lost 6-1, although we went back later in year and reversed the score, first to torch the lab tables with a jet of flame from the bunsen burner tap, no doubt first to get flogged, first to experience the wafts of after shave down the beak's corridor, first to have the length of one's sideborads measured with a ruler to check that they didn't exceed the regulation length, first to experience Danny Howell's fitness routine (30 sprints up the grassy slope leading to the football pitches), first to play rugby for the school (we got absolutely thrashed because we all passed the ball and defended as in basketball which was the only other sport we had learnt - if I remember correctly that set back the development of rugby for a number of years), first to be raised in the air from a standing position bay one's sideboards by McSweeney, etc. Your page has jogged a good deal of memories, and no doubt many others will emerge. I can already see that your pages are missing basic names and events and I will endeavour to fill in some of the gaps. The people I had most to do with in my time were Adam Zaslona, Mark Devine, Hugh O'Donoghue, Chris Fewtrell, Paul Power, Tex Flinders, Dave Jamieson, On the staff side, Denny Howells, Mike Brennan and Chris Glynn were a great influence, and let's face it, Spike must have rubbed off somewhere! Interesting to see that many of the individuals who have made contact remain in the UK, if not in the Manchester area. Is that a true reflection, I wonder, or does it suggest that those overseas have been less likely to hit your site? I have often wondered over the years if I would bump into someone, but never have. Keep up the good work.
john taylor <>
Canberra, ACT Australia -

Great web site, brought back some memories of some golden moments - still have the rival record to the Smiths' albums, the St. Augustines windband - choir - orchestra album, got to 1000056879867th in the Album chart I believe?

Still keep in touch with John Kirwan who is now a doctor in Liverpool.

best regards to you all

Brendan O'Brien <>
Congleton, Cheshire UK -

"Whey hey old fellows!" Great site guys, keep up the good work. So many memories, so many anecdotes to recount. Probably my favourite was when my mate Tony Miles put his penalty over the imaginary crossbar and straight through Spike's kitchen window taking down the venetian blind and breaking most of his crockery into the bargain. The house had only been finised about 3 weeks. Tony was carried head high around the school by a mob, ever increasing in size, to report his achievement to a bemused but surprisingly understanding head. Happy days.
Rob Bolton <>
Burgess Hill, , West Sussex UK - 22 December 2001 at 16:51:57

Must say there are some sad people around! The things we seem to have kept, I say we because no doubt I could add to some of the ephemera, or should I say memorabilia on the site.
Unlike one or two others I've not got three hours to spend exploring but will no doubt come back to look at it again.
I wasn't quite sure how to take Alan Beswick's reference to me in his offering ~ was i mentioned be cause i was in some way memorable or because I was infamous? I suspect/hope a bit of both.
It is interesting to see a little of what people have done and where they have got to. I have spent the last 24 years working for the Inland Revenue, but have only dealt with tax for the last seven months. I stopped playing rugby when I spent most of a season recovering from four dislocated shoulders, no I'm not deformed i just did one three times. Currently living in Nottinghamshire with wife (Elizabeth) and children (Kathryn 14 and Jonathan 11).
Highlights/lowlights of my time at school ~ being sacked as a prefect twice, undercutting the tuck shop and vending machines when using the Lecture Demonstarion room as fprm room, playing rugby, etc.
An impressive site. What is pleasing is that I was clearly not alone in hating the place, about 80% OF THE TIME.

Regards to all


Simon Barnicott <>
Notts, Notts UK - 22 December 2001 at 22:44:28

What a great website.Have just spent an hour surfing and the memories are flooding back. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me. 1970 intake.
Simon Backler <>
UK - 23 December 2001 at 18:59:41

1972 intake - scary, scary, scary! I can still remember the bloody register!!
Trevor Madden <>
LONDON, UK - 24 December 2001 at 20:33:37

Nice way to spend Sunday afternoon remembering those years 1967-1974...some of you have got better memories than I have. Does anyone recall the shove-halpenny league played in Year 5 (1972) after school?
Chris Gibbs <>
Wakefield, West Yorkshire UK - 30 December 2001 at 17:55:36

This is an excellent site - big thanks to everyone responsible...have spent the last two hours being 12 again, head full of nostalgic memory stuff - will get my head together and recount some memories of my own.

Sean Keeley
Thrapston, Northants
1974 1K

Sean Keeley <>
Kettering, Northants UK - 31 December 2001 at 01:09:00