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Visitors Book 2005

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My dear visitor, thank you for visiting, the virtual home of the Old Boys of their alma mata, St Augustine's Grammar School.
All friends of this great school are cordially invited to mark the occasion of their visit by appending their signature and comments to this esteemed visitors' book.
However, be assured that in the event of inappropriate entries, particularly from those who have no regard for this school, these will not be tolerated and the usual and full measures will be implemented including suspension.

Seasons greetings to one and all. Well somebody had to make the effort!
Embarrassedforthesite <Oneolevelmetalwork(failed).com!>
UK - 28 December 2005 at 22:25:33
Hello, I work for the BBC, and am currently researching for a documentary on the programme 'top of the form.' St Augustines competed on the TV series in the mid 70's, and we'd be interested in talking to anyone who has memories of the event. Please contact me through the above e-mail if you do. Many thanks, Andrew
andrew wiltshire <>
London, UK - 07 December 2005 at 18:04:51
Rory Mescall Is A Geek 4eva and always and he called us a horse so we called him a dog!
Chloe , Emma And Cara! <n/a>
manchester, shutup UK - 06 December 2005 at 11:22:02
I am webmaster for my year, secondary start 1952, at Loreto College, St.Albans and I am sure my classmates will join me in sending greetings. Loreto College when I was there was a Private school run by nuns with a Grammar intake at 11 plus. After I left it became an RC Girls Grammar and now it is entirely secular, no nuns at all, and is an RC Girls comprehensive but respecting the traditions and history of the school and it still has a very good name. Have a look at our website and our Reunion pictures.
Angie Sitton nee Dunne <>
Stevenage, Herts UK - 29 November 2005 at 01:21:59
Hello Claire,
Cheshire eh? Presumably we can assume true blue refers to dad's politics rather than any depressive condition??!!

Eric The Red <Howmany>
UK - 09 November 2005 at 23:38:19
The Reunion 26TH NOVEMBER 2005

Tickets for the event can be obtained from Roger Donbavand, see the Message board for details

stephen mccann <mccann>
manchester, UK - 09 November 2005 at 12:02:41
The Reunion 26TH NOVEMBER 2005

Tickets for the event can be obtained from Roger Donbavand, see the Message board for details

stephen mccann <mccann>
manchester, UK - 09 November 2005 at 12:02:37
Very entertaining school photo of my dad, Richard Laurens, who's still a true blue living in cheshire.
Claire Laurens
UK - 07 November 2005 at 22:52:44
Ah, History Master, you might say that, but I couldn't possibly comment (Guess who just bought House of Cards on DVD for 60p in Beijing)
UK - 06 November 2005 at 01:02:29
Ahh the Scunthorpe jibe! It's been a while. First discovered on the site of an ancient dung heap in the 10th century and thought to be early neanderthal in origin. These days generally considered by historians in to be a sure sign of a desperate attempt to prove one has a brain when one has just a made a twat of oneself.
History Master < >
UK - 05 November 2005 at 15:59:15
Ah, I cannot tell you just how much my heart is sundered by the prospect of not being able to attend the forthcoming orgy of wit and urbanity that will surely dominate AuggieFest II. Surely the world will have seldom witnessed such a cavalcade of bon mots, well not since Allo Allo was taken off the air.
UK - 05 November 2005 at 06:10:21
Actually there is no 'T' in China, but You are most certainly to be found in Scunthorpe
Tinnie Lookin' Chain <>
D-Wing, Strangeways UK - 04 November 2005 at 19:02:59
Tinchina I salute you! As for Bingo/Thicko whatever, don't condemn him. It must be difficult being a Mary in the showers for all the other prisoners. It's not as if he could talk his way out of it is it?!
Touche! <>
UK - 04 November 2005 at 18:42:20
Madame Wildean..... WANKER......
Tinchain.....OBNOXIOUS TWAT......
Need I Say more.......

Bingo <>
D-Wing, Strangeways UK - 04 November 2005 at 14:55:38
Ah, the nostalgic whiff of bandinage wafts once more (perhaps for the last time) across the site. Whilst I salute Madame Wildean for the continued employment of apposite spellings, I cannot similarly applaud his sopmewhat more laissez-faire approach to the use of commas and capital letters. Perhaps he was studying for his one 'O' Level (presumably in metalwork) the day their correct employment was on the lesson plan.
UK - 04 November 2005 at 05:36:23
Delusions? Delusions? You cheeky young rip!I was keeping the whole school amused before your arms were long enough to doff your cap. Why, Spike himself was still laughing hysterically on the day I left clutching my hard won, one o level. Anyway, congratulations, only 2 lines this time and no mistakes. You see, It's not rocket science is it?
Frank Carson <>
UK - 03 November 2005 at 18:53:48
Well Madame Wildean, the one thing that is worse than a Bullshitter who can't spell is a pedant with delusions of wit. Oh, and gout.
UK - 03 November 2005 at 13:05:00
I'd rather have T in China than...
UK - 03 November 2005 at 06:36:06
The name Tinchina creates the urge to be creative and original, but we draw to your attention that the name causes a superior, interfering quality that tends to resent the opinions of others. This name, when combined with the last name, can frustrate happiness, contentment, and success, as well as cause health weaknesses or accidents to the head, worry and mental tension.

The first name of Tinchina leads you to assume considerable responsibility and to prefer to work independently, without direction or interference from others because you have very definite ideas of your own. Your mind is quick to comprehend and you can be depended upon to do any job well. Because you tend to be somewhat of a perfectionist, you might insist on doing too many things yourself instead of delegating jobs to others who might do less satisfactory work. This name does make you quite direct and straight-to-the-point.

UK - 02 November 2005 at 23:05:08
The only thing worse than a bullshitter is a bullshitter who can't spell.
Oscar < >
UK - 02 November 2005 at 21:54:21
I have been pondering upon the predicament of our Antipodean correspondent and his misfortune in being denied a long sought reunion and, nay, rapprochment, with his colleagues of yesteryear.
Surely many such former sundry and indeed august Augustinians currently find themselves barred from a bout of beverage imbibing by reason of time, distance or penal servitude.
I therefore that we take a leaf from the bound limited edition volume of Sir Midge of Ure and follow his much lauded example in the organization of the recent multi-site popular musical extravaganza, Live 8. To wit why not arrange simulatnous sites for the Second Great AuggieFest (as I am sure it will soon be referred to in the vernacular)? As well as arranging a special commemorative @barby@ for Roy, it would obviously be well worth having a third event in the Nonce Wing of strageways, where so many of our former schoolmates and masters currently abide.

UK - 31 October 2005 at 05:19:16
Absolutely gutted!

Arrive in manchester 2 weeks after the reunion...would so have loved to be there and kick off a to be had wonderful festive season in my homeland...damn!

UK - 30 October 2005 at 04:05:49
2nd Grand Reunion
Saturday 26 November 2005 (40th Anniversary of School Opening) starting at 7pm till late

Venue: Chancellors Hotel and Conference Centre

Chancellors Way, Moseley Road, Fallowfield, Manchester M14 6NN

The cost is 25 per head which includes room hire and a very extensive 3 course buffet excludes booze

For people travelling far you can stay the night for 50 including breakfast (please contact Chancellors direct)


Roger Donbavand - 020 8892 7497 (home) , 0207 400 1011 (work) 0207 405 4778/9 (FAX)

NB Final numbers have to be in by 16 November so get your ticket now

Peter Fay <>
- 26 October 2005 at 21:28:58
REUNION keep your diary free for 26th November 2005,a reunion is planned in manchester on the evening of 26th,more details soon ,stephenmccann 1965/72
stephenmccann <>
manchester, UK - 21 October 2005 at 16:03:34
About the 1968 final, my story is somewhat sadder. Spike wouldn't let me leave early even though my uncle was playing in the match and that afternoon was woodwork and my hand was in bandages. So my dad picked me up at 4 in Shay's car and we had two blow outs on the motorway. Got there for extra time ans didn't need my ticket so still hae it intact with the stub. Coming out was frightening because of the crowd and had to get into one of those old style hot dog vans to avoid the crush
Spike said if my dad took me out of school for that afternoon I'd be classed with the scum of wythenshawe for the rest of my time there.

barry brennan <>
UK - 10 October 2005 at 14:45:36
UK - 20 September 2005 at 05:59:03
Anyone remember me?
John Driscoll <>
Manchester, UK - 19 September 2005 at 17:14:24
I enjoyed my time - I didn't know anybody called Tim - honest!!!!!!
danny hussey
UK - 16 September 2005 at 16:12:01
Blimey!! Fancy finding this site after all these years. As an "original" pink-stripe from '65 (coming from Ardwick my raincoat was on all year Spike, so there was no need for a letter to my parents!!!)lots of memories were brought back of my 5 years on the Mount. My school life seemed to revolve around Rugby and visiting Spikes office. Rugby was great,the highlight - scoring the only try against De La Salle in a match we lost about 106-3, the low point - being overlooked for a sevens tournament in favour of Paul Power after someone dropped out of the squad and I was next in line - but Paul was a bit quicker than me, granted. I also remember Tex Healey scoring a try when, having shaken off half the opposition, there was one little fella clinging on for dear life to Tex's leg - Tex just kept going and dragged this lad over the line to score. Some player Tex!!!
I had my fair share of beatings from Spike, at one stage myself and Paddy Freney were keeping score to see who had the most but it became to tedious adding up all those numbers!!
May 1968 - European Cup Final - Wembley Stadium - "no pupils will be allowed time off to attend this football match - it's not as if this is a once in a lifetime opportunity." Really, well United never got to another European Cup Final at Wembley and now Wembley no longer exists, so it turns out you were wrong Spike me old cocker!!! Anyway, despite the threats, I went and I may have got a sixer after the next assembly but, if I did, it was a small price to pay.
I also remember a trip to Stratford where one group went for Mon-Tue-Wed and the group I was in went for Wed-Thu-Fri. When we arrived on the Wednesday there were Police everywhere and it turned out there had been a spate of shop-lifting involving some of our lot. Don't know who was
involved - do you???
Anyway - I enjoyed my tim at gussies - many happy memories - good teachers - Jim McCabe, Mike Brennan, Denny Howells, Mr Shaw (managed to get me a GCE in Maths, god bless him)and Frank Wightman. Then there was McSweeney - I know you shouldn't but there were times when I would have loved to have given him a smack!!
Good luck to you all - love the site.

Danny Hussey <>
Denton, Manchester UK - 16 September 2005 at 16:09:15
WOW!! A message on the message board!! It must be 29 years since the last one. Or am I getting mixed up with a certain football statistic?

Sorry nonnny, I tried to resist but couldn't help myself. Honest! (not)

Stan Cliffe < >
UK - 14 September 2005 at 19:08:57
Pleases note corrected email address re previous note about Dereek Smith
Frank Whiteman <,uk>>
UK - 08 August 2005 at 20:42:31
I cannot send an email to Frank re the death of Derek Smith, Franks email address is incorrectly quoted,Stephen McCann 1965/1972

stephen mccann <stephenmccann@georgedavies,co,uk>
manchester, greatermanchester UK - 08 August 2005 at 12:57:56
Old colleagues and students will be sad to learn that Derek Smith died recently after a long illness.Derek taught in the Technology Department at St Augustines for many years and succeeded me as Head of Department in 1980. Should anybody wish to send condolences to his wife I will be happy to forward them.
Frank Whiteman

Frank Whiteman <fwhiteman@lindfield24,uk>
UK - 07 August 2005 at 16:56:17
In a bleak moment, I decided to reacquaint myself with this site...and I now feel totally restored! Just a note for Carl O'Connor, Dom Berry, Tommy Guhry, Liam Heffernan, Chris McWilliam, Paul Grainger et al (Class of 1970): new e-mail address as listed...
Stephen Wyatt <>
St Annes on Sea, Lancashire UK - 21 July 2005 at 01:09:44
John Collins wrote:
"Someone wrote on one of your pages about "these sadistic bastards who went and thought up humiliating punishments for boys" by 1970 - working in London - I was one such "sadistic bastard" - its really not like that - when corporal punishment is the norm - thats what you use. I was a weilder of the stick for 10 years and still think its a good way of meting out punishment. Its not therapy to make boys better - its just punishment for the 'crime'."

How very sad that you are so cavalier about beating children. Apparently you didn't have a mind or values of your own if you can simple wash your hands of responsibility with a simple "when corporal punishment is the norm - thats (sic) what you use." Using that as a moral compass, I suspect you would find nothing wrong with slavery either. I'm sorry but the reference to "sadistic bastard" as a moniker should perhaps be given greater consideration. I hope the boys in your past whom you hurt both physically and emotionally have more forgiveness for you than you had compassion for them.

UK - 20 July 2005 at 19:12:23
Still chuckling
UK - 14 July 2005 at 18:48:52
The last entry is so witty, I suspect "Bingo bongo" is a pseudonym for hey nonny mouse. Lets hope this is the first of many!
Gone but not forgotten
UK - 14 July 2005 at 18:47:03
Unfortunately it was the message board that vanised and not you Barney
Bingo <>
UK - 13 July 2005 at 16:19:23
Is it just me , or has the Message Board vanished?
Barney Booth <>
Manchester, Lancs UK - 08 July 2005 at 14:59:43
Found the site by chance and now realise just how much I had forgotten.
Gregory Waldron <>
- 29 June 2005 at 15:16:40
I was at St. Augustine's from 1973 - 1975 studying A levels in the sixth form having attended All Hallows' Secondary School. Am now a humble professor at Newcastle University. Get in touch if you remember me, not least Willy Jackson
Frank Hardman <>
Newcastle, Tyne and Wear UK - 08 June 2005 at 21:18:41
I was at St. Augustine's from 1973 - 1975 studying A levels in the sixth form having attended All Hallows' Secondary School Am now a humble professor at Newcastle University. Get in touch if you remember me, not least Willy Jackson
Frank Hardman <>
Newcastle, Tyne and Wear UK - 08 June 2005 at 21:17:40
I met Adrian Dyer whilst we were both at Leicester University from 1971 - 1975. We kept in touch for a number of years but lost touch probably fourteen years or so ago. If anyone is in contact with him or knows his whereabouts I would be grateful if they could give Adrian my email address or his to me.
Vincent Woodall <>
Sidcup, Kent UK - 07 June 2005 at 21:15:07
great and nostalgic site.
any one remember me?

adrian bradshaw <>
poole, doset UK - 21 May 2005 at 02:22:36
Greetings to anyone out there who remembers me
Roger Donbavand <roger,>
London, UK - 14 May 2005 at 16:35:03
Hello, I am trying to contact Robert MICHAEL MIDGLEY who resided in South Australia, Australia for several years and returned to the UK within the last five years with an interim period spent in Minorca. Does anyone have contact details for him? I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you and cheers. Anita Gordon.
Anita Gordon <>
Eudunda, South Australia Australia - 26 April 2005 at 03:28:51
a great site! I swore as I read one of Spikes letters, I got a whiff of his aftershave/gin! class!
Andy Rourke <>
manchester, UK - 01 April 2005 at 15:59:23
Whilst searching my family name on the internet I came across Anthony Dilger - As the surname is extremely rare in the UK I would like to make cotact - can anyone provide contact details for Anthony, is please forward to thank you in advance

Peter Dilger <>
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire UK - 12 February 2005 at 19:44:54
Very good site. Formerly a St. John Plessington pupil, 1980 to 1985
Ian <>
Lancashrie UK - 06 January 2005 at 05:01:04
Does any one have current photo views of the new surroundings?
UK - 04 January 2005 at 00:51:10