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18th June, 1971

My dear Parents,

Please accept my thanks for your letter in which you have asked me to accept your son as a pupil at St. Augustine’s. I am grateful to you also for sending him here to meet me and to see his school for the first time.

I am now inviting you to visit the school yourselves to hear my talk to the parents of all the new boys. There wi11 be two opportunities.

The first talk will be on Sunday, 27th June, at 3.30 p.m. and the second talk will be on Monday, 28th June, at 8.0 p.m. You may come on either occasion. My talk will, of course, be the same each time. I am providing two opportunities so that all parents of new boys will find it possible to come. I wish to see both parents, if that is at all possible. I do not particularly wish on this occasion to see the boys.

On Sunday, 27th June, the programme will be as follows:-

  2.45 p.m. School doors open
  3.00-3.25 p.m. Conducted tour of the school (optional)
  3.30 p.m. Headmaster's talk
  4.30 p.m. approx. Second conducted tour of the school (optional)

On Monday, 28th June, the programme will be as follows–

  7.15 p.m. School doors open
  7.30 – 7.45 p.m. Conducted tour of the school (optional)
  8.00 p.m. Headmaster’s talk
  9.00 p.m. School closes (on the Monday evening, after my talk, no further conducted tour will be provided.)

In the course of each talk, some of our boys will be brought in to exhibit the various uniforms, and I shall explain our requirements for different occasions. I shall also give you the complete list of uniforms, with the prices, for you to take away.

I shall be able to tell you about times, dates, dinners, curriculum, homework, sport, absence, sickness and all the other problems of school life which so very reasonably occur to the mind of the parent.

Since so many of you will shortly be taking your summer holiday, please allow me this opportunity of informing you that all new boys will be expected to attend in complete uniform on Tuesday, 31st August, for a short afternoon session starting at 2.0 p.m. They will then meet their Form Master who will explain general procedures and show them their places in the classrooms, cloakrooms, and Assembly Hall. They will also be given their books, stationery and timetable.

The Michaelmas Term of the academic year 197l – 72 will commence at 8.45 on Wednesday, 1st September. The timetable will be followed from the very beginning.

Thc school is situated at Sharston Mount, facing Altrincham Road (A560), between Kingsway and the southern end of Princess Parkway. The entrance is in Stancliffe Road. Manchester buses 44 and 46 and North Western 71 stop outside.

I look forward with pleasure to our first meeting. In the meantime, let us all pray that God may guide and inspire us so that we may together make a good beginning in this important stage in your son's education.

Yours sincerely in Christ,