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20th July, 1973

My dear parents,

We have come to the end of another term, and another academic year. Our school is now eight years old; we are all older, and we all have much reason for gratitude. We all thank God for the many blessings which He has given to us as we have tried to serve him during these years. Permit me also, for myself and for all my colleagues on the teaching staff, to thank you for your never-failing generosity, loyalty and co-operation.

With this letter I trust you will find your sons’s report, (Form 5 will receive no reports, since they took no school examinations this term.) I enclose also the dates for the holidays in the coming academic year, and a list of uniform requirements with the latest prices.

Departures from the teaching staff

Mr. R. J. Callan, B.Sc.Econ. (London), has been a member of our teaching staff since September 1970. In September this year he will enter the Novitiate of the Maryland Province of the Society of Jesus.

Mr. J. P. Flaherty, B.Ed. (Manchester), began his teaching career at St. Augustine’s in September 1971, and specialised in teaching Biology. He leaves us now for a post at St. Anselm’s School, Oldham.

Mr. N. D. Lomas, has taught Technical Subjects here for the past year. He leaves us now for further study at Alsager College of Education.

Mr. T. McSweeney, B.A. (Manchester) has been a member of our staff and Head of the English Department since our opening day eight years ago. He left us recently to become Second Deputy Head Master at St. Gregory’s Grammar School.

Mrs. C. Were, B.A. (Cardiff) has been a member of our staff specialising in French, since October last year. She takes up a new post at St. Joseph’s High School, Newport, Monmouthshire, in September.

Monsieur Serge Cado, our Assitant for French Conversation during the past year, returns to his studies at the University of Rennes.

New Members of the teaching staff

Mr. A. J. Black, B.A.(Keele), leaves the staff of Altrincham Grammar School for Boys to become Head of our English Department.

Miss L.F. Carey B.Sc.(Leeds), will commence her teaching career with us in September, specialising in Biology.

Mr. N. W. Creighton, B.A.(Liverpool), has previously taught at St. Bede’s College, Manchester and at St. Francis Xavier’s College, Liverpool. During the past academic year he has been engaged in further study at Manchester University. He will join us in September to specialise in teaching French and Latin.

Mr. G. Taylor, C.Eng., M.I.Mech.E., at present on the staff of the De La Salle College, Pendleton, will come to us in September to specialise in Engineering Science and Technical Subjects.

Monsieur Dominique Comoretto, a student at Rennes University, will serve as our Assistant for French Conversation during the coming academic year.

You will be pleased to know, also, that Mr. C. Glynn, Head of the Drama Department, has successfully concluded the Advanced Course in Professional Studies in Drama in Education, at the University of Newcastle, and will return to us at the beginning of the new academic year.

Arrangements for the start of term

For boys in next year’s Form 1, the academic year will commence with an Inaugural Session commencing at 1.45 p.m. on Monday, 3rd September. A special letter will be sent to the parents of all new boys, giving further particulars about the arrangements for this occasion.

For all those who are about to commence work in the Lower Sixth, i.e., the present Fifth Form, and boys coming into our Sixth Form from other schools, there will be a briefing session in the Small Library, starting at 1.45 p.m. on Monday, 3rd September.

For all boys the solemn commencement of term will take place at the Assembly starting at 8.55 a.m. on Tuesday, 4th September.

Finances for start of term

On Tuesday, 4th September, please ensure that your son brings the following

Dinner money (4 days) 48 pence

School Fund subscription 1.00

Hymn Book (if required) 50 pence

Total : 1.98 pence

School Meals

Unless you inform me otherwise, it will be assumed that you wish the present arrangements to continue. If you wish to alter them, i.e., if you wish your son to have the school dinner instead of sandwiches, or vice versa, please write and let me know before the term commences.

Permission to arrive late

All permissions at present in force will remain in force at the beginning of the new term and until Friday, 7th September, inclusively. On the first day of term all boys whose parents wish to continue to have permission to arrive late will be invited to obtain late-comers’ claim forms from the Office: these should be completed and signed by parents and returned by Friday, 7th September.

Results of Public Examinations

The results of the G.C.E. ‘A’ level are expected on Wednesday, 15th August, and of ‘O’ level on Thursday, 23rd August. The school office will send out your son’s grades if you will provide the stamped postcard or envelope. Boys who call personally at the school between 10.00 and 12.00 on the day of publication will be given their results. No results will be given by telephone. We had 241 candidates, and even if one tenth of these were allowed information by telephone they could immobilize the secretarial staff for the entire morning.

Appearance of our boys

One of the most difficult and important tasks of the Head of a school is to interpret the wishes of the parents. Whatever he may try to do without their support cannot succeed. You have never left me in any doubt that you wish this to be a uniform-wearing school, and a school whose students present a smart appearance. I do not think any of you would ever wish it to become a school where uniform is not worn, or is merely a form of optional fancy dress. I must warn you, however, that the way in which a school begins to lose the wearing of uniform is the toleration of numerous minor exceptions for individuals For example, if grey trousers are officially required, but individual boys are allowed to wear blue or green trousers. Allow me to ask for your co-operation, particularly with regard to the right shade of trousers, socks and shirts. The regulation shades do not cost any more than other shades. Before permitting exceptions for your son, please try to imagine what sort of school it would be if all other parents demanded similar concessions. I hope that the appearance of the boys in September will be all that you would wish, because that is all that I wish.

Speech Day

The Governors have decided, on my recommendation, that in future our annual Academic Festival should take place at the beginning rather than the end of the academic year, so that the results of the public examinations may be appropriately celebrated. Consequently there was no Speech Day this term, but I am happy to tell you that the Free Trade Hall has been booked for Monday, 19th November, the Head Master of Ampleforth, Dom Patrick Barry, has agreed to present the prizes, and I look forward next term to sending you an invitation to join us at the festivities.

Communication with the School

Parents of boys who have been absent from school recently are requested to send in the usual explanatory notes without delay, so that the secretarial staff can complete the necessary records before the new academic year begins. Please do not wait until the start of next term before you send the note, but let us have it by post in the near future.


My colleagues and I wish you all every blessing and happiness, and all the joys of family life during the coming vacation. May we all return from it refreshed and ready to begin another year in God’s service.

Yours sincerely,