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22nd July 1977

My dear Parents,

This letter, as you will see, comes from St. Augustine’s Grammar School, which is the correct title at present of the establishment over which I have the honour to preside. You will know by now that at midnight on 31st August this year the School will become the St. John Plessington High School, situated on two sites, namely, that of the present St. Augustine’s School and that of the present All Hallows,

This letter is being sent to the parents of boys at present in St. Augustine’s. I trust you understand that your son is expected to come back to this building and that he will be here until the fifth year of his secondary education when he will have the choice of two Sixth Form Colleges, namely, Xaverian and Loreto.

After twelve years of educational progress and astonishing support from parents, I now find myself in a time of unprecedented change and upheaval, and I think that many of you are anxious about what is going to happen. Let me tell you candidly that there have been many changes in the teaching staff, and we shall have to face the problem of lack of continuity. Otherwise there is nothing for you to worry about because I can assure you that all the appointments which have been made have been appointments of very competent and experienced teachers, and although, as you may have heard, at the time of writing this letter I am still awaiting fourteen more appointments, I am confident that the talent and devotion available in this City for our Catholic Schools will be equal to the demands.

It was my normal custom at the end of the academic year to give you the names of all departing teachers and all new arrivals. I propose to do this next term when the lists are completed.

The academic year will commence on Wednesday, 7th September. Assembly will take place at the time customary at St. Augustine’s, namely, 8.55 a.m.

Finances for start of term

On Wednesday, 7th September please ensure that your son brings the following:-

Dinner money (3 days) 75 pence (25 pence per dinner) in cash please.
School Fund subscription 1.00
Hymn Book (if required) 1.00
  2.00 (may be cash or cheque)

School Meals

Unless you inform me otherwise, it will be assumed that you wish the present arrangements to continue. If you wish to alter them, i.e. if you wish your son to have the school dinner instead of sandwiches, or vice versa, please write and let me know before the term commences.

If your son has been accustomed to going home for his dinner, I shall presume, unless you inform me otherwise, that he will continue to do so.

Permission to arrive late

All permission to come late at present in force will remain in force at the beginning of the new term and until Wednesday, 14th September inclusively. At the beginning of the new term a special letter will be supplied to all those who require it concerning the policy about late—comers, and enclosing a form which parents will be requested to complete.

Results of Public Examinations

The results of the G.C.E. 'A' Level are expected on Tuesday, 16th August, and of '0' Level on Tuesday, 23rd August. The school office will send out your son’s grades if you will provide the stamped postcard or envelope. Boys who call personally at the school between 10.00 and 12.00 on the day of publication will be given their results. No results will be given by telephone. lie had nearly 300 candidates, and if even one tenth of these were allowed information by telephone they could immobolise the secretarial staff for most of the morning.

Speech Day

You will all recall with much pleasure our last Speech day in the Free Trade Hall on 12th October, 1976, when the prizes were presented by the Rt. Rev. Mgr. Eric Riley. I am sure you will wish to know that we have again booked the Free Trade Hall for another Speech Day to be held on Monday, 10th October, 1977.

Communication with the School

Parents of boys who have been absent from school. recently are requested to send in the usual explanatory notes without delay, so that the secretarial staff can complete the necessary records before the new academic year begins. Please do not wait until the start of next term before you send the note, but let us have it by post in the near future.

The appearance of our boys

Permit me to congratulate you and thank you for sending your sons to school in all seasons — and I have in mind particularly the hot weather of recent weeks — so smartly dressed and well turned-out, in a manner which reflects worthily their talent and dignity and their very reasonable ambitions.

A personal note

My dear father died, at the age of 84, on 7th July, after a lifetime spent in the Education Service. I thank you most cordially for the many messages of sympathy which you have sent me and for all the prayers which you have offered for his eternal repose,


I am in no doubt at all that you, the parents of our boys, and all the members of your families, deserve a good holiday after a year’s hard work. I wish you joy and refreshment and a happy return.

Yours sincerely,

Head Master Designate — St. John Plessington High School.