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22nd July 1977

My dear Parents,

   I am happy to inform you that we shall be holding our annual
Speech Day and Prizegiving on Friday, 7th October, Our Principal Guest and
Chief Speaker on this occasion will be the Bishop of Shrewsbury,
The Rt. Rev. Eric Grasar. I am pleased to be able to extend to you an
invitation to join in the festivities.

   The Prizegiving ceremony will be held in the Free Trade Hall,
Peter Street, Manchester, and will start at 7.30 p.m. Please do your best
to arrive in time and to be in your place before the Bishop's procession
enters. The boys and girls of the School will be assigned to individual
places, either on the platform or in the front rows of the stalls. They
must all be dressed in school uniform. Boys should not wear pullovers.
If it is a wet or cold night raincoats should be folded and placed under
the seats, as it will not be possible for so great a number to be attended
to in the small cloakroom available there.

   No other seats are reserved, and all seats are free. You
are welcome to choose your place, either upstairs or at the back of the
downstairs stalls. The doors will open at 7 p.m. and the earlier you
come, the wider your choice of seats. We hope that both parents of all
our pupils will be able to come; please be assured also that all other
members of the family and all other friends of the School are cordially

   We look forward to the pleasure of your company and a memorable
evening on Friday, 7th October.

Yours sincerely,

Head Master