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10th August, 1976

My dear Mark,

Amongst your many memories of your time at this school there will be one not so very pleasing memory which I am afraid I must recall. I refer to the events of the 20th and 21st May, just before the start of the ‘A’ Level examinations.

Unless my memory greatly deceives me — and I offer you my apologies if I am writing to the wrong man — you were one of a number of students who managed to break through to the roof of the three—storey classroom block, where you damaged the door leading to the water—tower, This has, of course, needed to be repaired, and, since it is an outside structural repair, it is charged to the Foundation Governors, i.e., to the parishes of the catchment area in the Shrewsbury Diocese. I have received a letter from the Director of Works stating that the amount charged is 44.04.

Father Rice, the Chairman of Governors, has told me that, having regard to all circumstances, he will consider that you have discharged your obligations if you will pay 2, each, You may pay the money in any way you think suitable, but I suggest that you simply send two pound notes to me, I shall send you a receipt and then we can consider this matter as consigned to oblivion.

I hope that the ‘A’ Level results will be pleasing, I hope also that you are enjoying your holiday, and I wish you every success in all your new undertakings in the coming academic year.


Yours sincerely,