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14th May 1976

My dear Parent,

This letter is being sent to the parents of all our students who are about to take examinations of the Joint Matriculation Board for the General Certificate in Education.


All candidates receive a printed timetable indicating the time and date of all G.C.E. examinations conducted by the Board from 24th May onwards. Candidates are considered to be personally responsible for their attendance on the right date and at the right time for all examinations for which they have been entered. For morning examinations the right time is 9.15 a.m. (not 9.30 as previously). Afternoon examinations begin at 2 p.m.


All students on the register of this school who are internal candidates for G.C.E. (ie all those now in Upper 6, Lower 6, Form 5 and the Special Mathematics Set in Form 4), are required to wear school, uniform at all our G.C.E. examination sessions, on the day when they come to hand in their books, and on any day of school attendance on which they may visit the school until after they have taken leave of me and received from me a "Leaving Certificate".

Upper Sixth

All Upper Sixth students are expected to attend school until 3.50 p.m. on Friday, 21st May and from then onwards they are expected to attend only at the time and on the date of the examinations for which they have been entered. They are expected to attend, wearing uniform, in order to hand in all books and equipment and to take leave of me on the day after their last examination.

Lower Sixth

All our students in the First-year Sixth are expected to arrive on Monday, 24th May, in time for the examination for the General Paper; they will be free for the rest of that day. They will be required also to arrive on Wednesday, 26th May, in time for the examination in Government, Economics & Commerce, and they will be free for the rest of that day. Apart from these two days the Lower Sixth generally will be expected to attend school at the usual tines, and every day until the end of the term, with the exception of those who are taking other 'O' Level examinations. These latter will be expected to attend on the day of the examination, in time for the examination, but will be free for the remainder of that day.

Fifth Form

All our Fifth Form students will be expected to attend school on the usual days and at normal hours until the end 6f the half—term at 3.50 p.m. on Friday, 28th May. After the half—term holiday, th6y will be expected to attend only on the days and at the times of the examinations for which they have been entered. On the day after their last ‘0’ Level examination Fifth—formers will be expected to attend, wearing school uniform, to obtain clearance certificates. On completion of clearance certificates, signed by the Registrar, they will be free to absent themselves from school until the Michaelmas Term commences on Tuesday, 7th September. Fifth-formers who wish to leave the school after '0' Levels should, on completion of the clearance procedure, present themselves to me for a "leaving certificate".

Fourth Form

The Special Mathematics Set will be expected to attend school for the papers in the Schools Mathematics Project on Wednesday, 16th June, and Monday, 21st June: on those two days they will be free, after the examination, for the rest of the day. On all other days until the end of the term they will be expected to attend school like all the other boys in the Fourth Form.

Publication of Results

It is expected that results of the J.M.B. examinations will be published on the following dates :—

Advanced subjects and Special Papers - on or about Friday, 13th August.

Ordinary subjects — on or about Tuesday, 24th August.

Those who wish to receive notification of their results by post are recommended to leave with the Registrar postcards suitably addressed and stamped, giving the name of the candidate and all his subjects; the secretarial staff will do their best to complete these cards and put them in the post on the day of the publication of the results.

On the days of publication, the secretarial staff will be available between 10 a.m. and 12 noon to give results to all candidates who call personally:

no results will be given by telephone.

Changing one’s mind

It sometimes happens that, after the publication of results, certain candidates, finding that they have done better, or, indeed, worse, than they expected, having previously decided to leave the school, change their minds and wish to stay. Let it be clearly understood that all our boys are welcome to come back, and the fact that they have taken leave of me will not be held against them.

Gifts of uniform

Those who leave the school are asked to donate all their uniform and sports kit — or any of it which they find still serviceable but no longer of use to them — to the school. It would be helpful if they had it dry—cleaned, but it would be acceptable in any condition. I shall discreetly pass it on to boys who need it.


Yours sincerely,