It should be remembered that no prefect is ever off duty altogether. Though individual prefects are detailed for particular tasks, it is the duty of the whole body of prefects to see that they are performed., The Head. Prefects are to ensure that prefects are on duty at all appropriate times, It is the responsibility of all prefects, whether detailed for duty or not, to see that school rules are obeyed and good standards of behaviour maintained at all times.


  1. Duty before school Patrol corridors from 8.30. See that no disorderly conduct occurs.
  2. Assembly Hall On duty by 8.40. See that there is no talking or writing or other unsuitable behaviour in the Hall before the start of Assembly.
  3. Lates On duty by 8.45. See that those approaching the Hall entrances do so in silence. Mark in the late-book all late-corners who have not produced an appropriate late pass. Ensure that all such late-corners sign their names in the signature book. Remain on duty until 9.50.
  4. Corridor duty before Assembly Ensure silence and good. order on the approaches to the Assembly Hall.
  5. Corridor duty during Assembly See that late boys do not linger in the classroom block but proceed straight to Room 1.
  6. Corridor duty after Assembly See that order is maintained on the lower corridor and staircases in the movement from the assembly hall to first period.
  7. Break duty Assist the duty masters by patrolling the corridors. Ensure that litter is deposited in the litter bins. Avert disorderly behaviour.
  8. Lunchtime duty Assist by patrolling the corridors and. recreation area. Ensure that litter is not deposited other than in the litter bins. Prevent disorderly behaviour. Those detailed for duty at the tuck shop should remain in Room 6 for the whole of their period of duty.
  9. Lunchtime duty outside school Prevent misbehaviour by those who have permission to leave the school grounds.
  10. Queue duty Ensure that the process of queuing for lunch is carried on in an orderly fashion, Prevent running in the corridors and the habit of joining the queue by an unauthorised route.
  11. Toilets Ensure that the toilets are left in a tidy condition during the recreation periods.
  12. Bus stops Leave class at 3.45. See that the queue is formed and the bus boarded in an orderly manner. Ensure that no litter is deposited at the bus stop.
  13. Cloakroom duty Be in cloakroom from 3.50 to 4.00. Ensure that order is maintained.
  14. Prefects in reserve These should be available to stand in for any of the above duties in the case of absence of those detailed for duty.
  15. Gowns Must be worn by all prefects performing duties on the school premises.
  16. Exchange of duties Exchanges may be made freely but the performance of the duty is still the responsibility of the prefect originally detailed.