From: The Head Master Monday, 12th July, 1976

To: All colleagues conducting afternoon registration today are requested to
read the following announcement

This morning the Toilet on the first floor near the History Room was flooded.
The boy or boys responsible are expected to own up and the Head Master will be
merciful in proportion to the speed and compunction with which they own up.

Until they own up the following sanctions will be in force -
1. The permission given to Form 4 to go outside the School grounds and outside
Hollyhedge Park during recreation times is withdrawn. In particular the
Farm on the corner is out of bounds, except in the morning before School,
and in the afternoon after school.

2. The Tuck Shop will be closed.

3. All permission to remain in the Building during recreation times, both in
the morning and during the dinner time break, is withdrawn.
Exceptions will be made for practices, meetings, and other activities arranged
by the teaching staff, and for boys who have medical reasons for remaining

These sanctions come into force tomorrow and will remain in force until the
culprit is discovered.