From : The Head Master

To : Colleagues conducting Morning Registration on Wednesday, 7th July, 1976

   I shall be most grateful if, before starting the Examination or sending your
Form to private study, you will kindly read the following announcement :-

"Mr. Shenton, the husband of the proprietress of the shop on the corner of
Stancliffe Road and Altrincham Road (locally known as "Shenton's Farm") died
recently and is to be buried today.

"Mrs. Shenton has said that whilst she is willing to be at the service of her
customers this morning she would prefer not to be troubled later in the day.
Consequently "The Farm" will be out of bounds during the midday break today.

"The Head Master wishes to take this opportunity of pointing out that only those
boys who have permission to go outside the school grounds, i.e. Form 4 and above,
have permission to go to "The Farm", and that even these boys are bound to obey
normal school rules.

"The Head Master personally visited Mrs. Shenton to convey his condolences
but no doubt other words of sympathy would not go amiss from these boys who are
entitled to visit the Shenton shop.