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St Augustine's left its mark on each one of us. There are good and bad memories.

Remember that this board is visible to all who have an internet connection and has many more viewers than active contributors.

Allow views to be expressed freely even if they are different to your own. If you disagree with a message, feel free to say so but direct your criticism not at the individual, but to the message content. This should ideally be with a thought-out counter argument.

Humour, Satire even Verse is encouraged.

Try to distinguish opinion from fact and own your opinions (use "I think/feel...")

Even though unpalatable activities may have occurred at St Augustine's, it cannot be a function of this board to "Name and Shame" individuals concerned.
To allow venting of these topics, consider
a) using satire
b) generalising or anonymising the individuals concerned
(eg "A certain prefect used to bully me ..." is preferable to "A N Other was a vindictive bully ...")

Consider using email where the message is for one individual and has no interest for the wider St Augustine's community.

Please resist replying to maliciously provocative posts which will now be deleted as a matter of course.
'Flaming' is discouraged!

Be warned that using 'four letter' words may now give unexpected results!

Report any abusive or malicious messages to the webmaster promptly.

Questions on Content:

Can I ask for a message to be removed?

If you wish for any message to be removed because it contains defamatory information please contact the webmaster

If you wish for any of your own messages to be removed please contact the webmaster

Are the opinions on the message board endorsed by any group/individual?

No - views expressed in messages on this board are the those of that contributor only.

What can NOT be included in a message?

Any message including disallowed content will be deleted

Is advertising permitted?

Classified messages by Old Boys and staff are generally welcome.

Can I ammend a message I have sent?

No. However the webmaster will delete any message on request of the author.

Are messages deleted after any time?

Messages will normally deleted after 6 weeks. Memorable content will be found a permanent slot on the website.

Can I post attachments such as pictures?

No - you cannot include pictures as attachments. However you can use the 'Image URL' entry to refer to a picture that is already uploaded on the WWW. You may also email picture files (jpg preferred) directly to webmaster.

Technical Questions:

Can I put html tags in my posts?

You can use HTML tags such as hyperlinks in the body of the message.

Why are there colons in the message when I try to post a followup?

Colons appear in the message dialog box when you try to followup up on a message to indicate that those lines are quoting the previous document.

Why didn't my post show up?

Your post most likely did not show up, because your browser did not reload the page, it simply pulled it out of cache.
Please click [Refresh] button on your browser and it should then appear.

Where can I get the scripts for this program?

The original scripts are written in Perl and created by Matt Wright. They are free to anyone who wishes to use them and you can get them as well as other scripts at: Enjoy!