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Posted by Rt Rev Mons McGuiness on September 12, 2005 at 20:56:52:

Isn't he out soon?

3/27 5:52:07 PM EST, 52 clicks, submitted by ChicaBaby00
A founder of a boys choir has been put in jail for 4 years due to his charges of assaulting a 14-year-old boy. Adrian Jessett, 53, who was the musical director of the Manchester Boys' Choir, pleaded guilty last month to eight charges of indecent assault dating back to 1996. How sick is this?

that is SIIIICK
By: RidaSunshine Date: 3/27/2002

By: StarPlanet Date: 3/27/2002
uh...indecent assaults? that sounds stupid

pretty sick
By: galaxy_grl Date: 3/27/2002
Yeah, some people just must be really bored wit their lives, but that is really sick. I heard that when people like that go to jail, the other inmates beat them up! too bad for him!

By: gurlie Date: 3/27/2002
ick. you needed to ask? yeesh. soo gross. kinda like priests who are gay pedophiles...

By: NickCsLove Date: 3/27/2002
Hi Peeps!
That is gross! Why would anyone want to do that kinda thing to kids? Even if the kids ARE fifteen! Sick! C'Ya!
~Nikki 'Carter'

By: justinfan2001 Date: 3/27/2002
how sick.

By: LadyofScars Date: 3/27/2002
this world is horrible if you really stop and think about it. =\

amy <3

By: bringitonbitch Date: 3/27/2002
thats really really disgusting!!! he should be put in jail for even longer then that

By: buttercup2284 Date: 3/27/2002
only 4 years!? they should extend it..hes sick! people like that seriously need help

By: sexy_girl2003 Date: 3/27/2002
yeah thats nasty, and when he gets in jail and is someones b!tch he aint going to like it too much because they toss the salad their if you know what i mean and the only thing i can say to that nasty man is DONT DROP THE SOAP

By: JCbaby6788 Date: 3/27/2002
ugh SICK

By: Leslie022 Date: 3/27/2002
can we say....GROSS!!!

By: mmdo Date: 3/27/2002
it is really sick

By: RICutie Date: 3/27/2002
That is nasty! Why do people, well mainly guys, do this kind of stuff? Itz really gross.
check out mah profile

By: starlite10k Date: 3/27/2002

ugh sick
By: Myaflower Date: 3/28/2002
Is it me or does it seem alot of people in the church are sick?Those poor boys and 4yrs is too short more like 15 I think.Disgusting old man.I mean there was another story on kiwi and a meber of the church was involved in porn ring.This world is getting worse.

By: blurainbow Date: 3/28/2002
where does it say church? I don't see that.

By: EvilGrl6669 Date: 3/28/2002
ewwww so many pedofiles these days.....*shudder*

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