Strap Meister

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Posted by Jarl on November 04, 2002 at 16:04:44:

Bit quiet last few days so how about a poll to decide who was the most feared teacher when paying a visit to the Green Room.

Now don't get me wrong - I'm not saying I had a season ticket for the Green Room. In all my years at SA's I must have had the strap maybe on 4/5 occasions. However, t'is the time that I was sent to be admonished by Mr Rice that I remember particularly well.

Funny thing is, when I was waiting outside the Green Room with my little white docket in hand (Mr Score had sent me out for throwing a paper aeroplane at Jimmy Bowers on the otherside of the classroom), and saw Mr Rice coming around the corner, I guffawed up my sleeve and thought 'This'll be a breeze'. He always seemed to be such a nice, gentle sort of chap. Y'know, the sort you'd like to think would rather give you a good talking to rather than have to dispense corporal punishment. Talk about naive!

In we go the Green Room. I assume the position and..... WHACK!! I thought I'd been hit on the derriere by a juggernaut. Those remaining nerve endings that had not been nuked on my arse sent an excruciating pain to my brain. The pain hadn't finished building up before WHACK!! I received another seismic impact on what was left of my poor bum.

Looking back, I still wander how Mr Rice packed such a punch in such a short backlift. It's not as if he did a 100 yard run up or anything. Mind you, the belt was one of those thick solid leather types - not the pussy tawse type with the leather cut into strips. It was the type of strap that you would imagine Desperate Dan would use to keep his trousers up! Maybe Mr Rice was a secret bodybuilder and that underneath that tweed jacket sleeve was bicep that would do Mike Tyson proud. Who knows.

What I do know is that my backside ended up with two black bruises across it for about a week. Looked as though I'd sat on a freshly painted park bench. Two lessons learned;

1) never judge a book by it's cover and,
2) S&M is just not for me - it's far too painful!

So my vote for the most feared Green Room teacher is Mr Rice - the Strap Meister.

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