worst and best (or maybe just best)

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Posted by TM on December 11, 2002 at 09:29:46:

Who was the best and worst teacher at SA? Was it the muppets who supposedly taught PE? The facially hirsuetly challanged latin teacher? Joker Jeff? The cretins that were imported into metalwork? Or others/ The best, I would say (as class leaving in 1980 so I might not know some previous favourites) Mike Allen, Barney Quinn, Barry Thorpe and Jim Foley. The worst, at risk of being censored, Mr halls, Mr Rice (possibly the least inspiring teacher in the history of the universe), Mr Weaver (not a bad a bloke but hugely miscast) Tommo, Creighton and somne big bloke who taught metal work and was discernibly bonkers

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