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Posted by Peter Fay on January 23, 2003 at 18:43:17:

In Reply to: Re: Grand Reunion 2 issues posted by Peter Fay on January 22, 2003 at 16:04:26:

OK Strike 2 - a more measured response

At the Grand Reunion in 2001, many of the "Boys" were keen to see members of staff (as they were at the 69 in 99 reunion). Some "Boys" asked regarding their presennce in advance, hoping to meet up again. I recall too that you, Tony, were keen that Barnie Quinn should be made welcome.
I acknowledge that certain of the staff are more kindly remembered than others, just as they, no doubt, remember certain of us with varying degrees of affection, and as we too remember each other with mixed feelings.

So, do we have a Reunion of "Bunters", A Reunion of pissed off tailenders, a reunion of Plessingtonians, Friends of Roy Mannion, Friends of Peter Fay or Friends of Tony Murray?

?Mutually exclusive

I think not: To my mind this should be an inclusive not an exclusive event.

Personally I would have liked more time to reassociate with some of the staff last time about.

On the subject of Corporal punishment, they too were thrust into the system without too many choices. We we forced into being beaten and they had little choice but to beat us. This was imposed from above; Conscientious objection would not have been an easy option. Whilst admittedly some did, many did not relish beating us. It was in those days "accepted" practice.
Maybe a few staff may have abused their position whilst working with a vulnerable teenage group but let us not condemn all as sadistic peverts on account of this.

Put 200 people in a room and it is highly unlikely they will all get on well together.

Personally I would like the choice to associate or not. During a buffet evening in a room as large as the GMPSSSC, there is the freedom to speak to who you want and to dissociate with who you want. If I want an evening out with my friends I can organise that myself. For me, A Grand Reunion has a different appeal: meeting folk from a common background that I would not ordinarily have sought out (nor they me).

On the other hand, I do not enjoy being sat next to just anybody for a whole evening during a large event as might happen at a large "sit down" event.

If we get choosy about who cannot attend (boys or staff) this surely is the worst form of censorship!

Those that attended last time about came because 1. they wanted to come
2. they too had been through Sharston Mount (warts'an all).

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