My old school

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Posted by The Right Reverend F.J. McGUINESS on March 14, 2004 at 00:49:09:

Well well well

God has finally allocated me my laptop - Only been waiting a few centuries but it's great to see that technology is finally catching up with the almighty - Hang on - If he is almighty then why didn't he give Jesus a lazer blaster to kill the jews and a laptop to record the "word" in full and accurate detail??

I am most upset than my school has produced such a wide range of of mad pupils.

I wanted the school to produce a load of god fearing bad asses but I seem to have acquired a load of limp wristed wimps whinging about how badly they were treated.

Jesus wept - Do you think I was drinking all that gin for the fun of it???? I used to stagger around the grounds to show you how "rock "n" roll" God could be - Most of you didn't get the message. Christ, I was wearing a dress in front of hundreds of 11-8 year old testosterone charged young boys - Did none of you get the message??

I've been reading all the mesages you have all posted on this site and Christ you disappoint me.

What was the point of me employing Barry Thorpe if you lot are unable to construct a sentence using your knowledge of latin?

Mind you , my tactic of employing Adrian Jessett to give you a leg up on musical composition seems to have backfired!!

Where did he get those weird ideas from?? I would have hoped that my Christian Mafia would have been a tad more subtle.

Anyway, you humble pupils - you aren't being as subservient as I would hope you would be.

I would like to see all future messages being a lot more God (monsignor) fearing than they have in the past.

Loads of love to you all


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