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Posted by Hulse on February 23, 2003 at 07:01:48:

It seems many of the "Old Boys", of the Bunter ilk or not, that contribute to this board live in what were the far flung colonies.

Why do expats contribute so much?
Is their new home so boring?
Do they miss home?
what's their new home really like?

I live in Calgary - you've seen my city in films like superman, X Men, the Rat Race, and the surrounding countryside in Anthony Hopkins films "The Unforgiven" "The Edge (where he's chased by a bear)" etc.

Right now it's -20C, and with windchill it's about -30, so not too cold.

Hockey's big, everyone's a United fan, there's English Beer and English Pubs, but the beer's too cold and the pubs are too warm.

Politics are right wing, steaks are huge and bloody, gas (petrol) is cheap, and the girls are gorgeous. So it's a guy from Wythy's dream - except I still miss the "crack" and the jokes.

So where do you hail from now?

Do you miss the "old sod" as they say over here, and I'll leave that for you to misinterpret.

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