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Posted by Philanthopic Philosopher on May 06, 2003 at 12:15:33:

In Reply to: Re: Gr8 - a controversy posted by bunterwannabe on May 05, 2003 at 04:24:11:


Syllogism 1
No ducks waltz;
No officers ever decline to waltz;
All my poultry are ducks.
Conclusion: My poultry are not officers. TRUE or FALSE?

Syllogism 2
No one takes in the Times newspaper, unless he is well-educated;
No hedge-hogs can read;
Those who cannot read are not well-educated.
Conclusion: No hedge-hog takes in the Times newspaper. TRUE or FALSE?

Syllogism 3
Babies are illogical;
Nobody is despised who can manage a crocodile;
Illogical persons are despised.
Conclusion: All babies can manage crocodiles TRUE or FALSE?

Syllogism 4
Nobody, who really appreciates Beethoven, fails to keep silence while the Moonlight-Sonata is being played;
Guinea-pigs are hopelessly ignorant of music;
No one, who is hopelessly ignorant of music, ever keeps silence while the Moonlight-Sonata is being played.
Conclusion: Guinea-pigs never really appreciate Beethoven. TRUE or FALSE?

Syllogism 5
None of the unnoticed things, met with at sea, are mermaids;
Things entered in the log, as met with at sea, are sure to be worth remembering;
I have never met with anything worth remembering, when on a voyage;
Things met with at sea, that are noticed, are sure to be recorded in the log.
Conclusion: I have often come across mermaids at sea. TRUE or FALSE?

Syllogism 6
No birds, except ostriches, are 9 feet high;
There are no birds in this aviary that belong to anyone but me;
No ostrich lives on mince-pies;
I have no birds less than nine-feet high.
Conclusion: All birds in this aviary live on mince-pies. TRUE or FALSE?

Syllogism 7
No kitten, that loves fish, is unteachable.
No kitten without a tail will play with a gorilla;
Kittens with whiskers always love fish;
No teachable kitten has green eyes;
No kittens have tails unless they have whiskers.
Conclusion: All kittens with green eyes will play with a gorilla. TRUE or FALSE?

Syllogism 8
I despise anything that cannot be used as a bridge;
Everything, that is worth writing an ode to, would be a welcome gift to me;
A rainbow will not bear the weight of a wheelbarrow;
Whatever can be used as a bridge will bear the weight of a wheel barrow;
Whatever can be used as a bridge will bear the weight of a wheelbarrow;
I would not take, as a gift, things I despise.
Conclusion: Rainbows are not worth writing odes to. TRUE or FALSE?

Syllogism 9
Animals, that do not kick, are always unexcitable;
Donkeys have no horns;
A buffalo can always toss one over a gate;
No animals that kick are easy to swallow;
No hornless animal can toss one over a gate;
All animals are excitable, except buffaloes.
Conclusion: Donkeys are not easy to swallow. TRUE or FALSE?

Syllogism 10
The only animals in this house are cats;
Every animal is suitable for a pet, that loves to gaze at the moon;
When I detest an animal, I avoid it;
No animals are carnivorous, unless they prowl at night;
No cat fails to kill mice;
No animals ever take to me, except what are in this house;
Kangaroos are not suitable for pets;
None but carnivora kill mice;
I detest animals that do not take to me;
Animals, that prowl at night, always love to gaze at the moon.
Conclusion: I never avoid a kangaroo. TRUE or FALSE?

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