A few memory jerkers

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Posted by Barney Booth on June 01, 2003 at 21:10:06:

In Reply to: Re: Password posted by webmaster on May 30, 2003 at 14:51:12:

: Is this the real reason the board has quietened down or have we run out of things to say?
: If we stick to reminiscences about StA then this is a finite decreasing entity.


I'm sure plenty of the ex-pupils who regularly access the web site have shed loads of reminiscences they could share with us.
I think half the problem is that over the years most of it goes out of our memories - and let's face it , it was was 30 or so years ago.
I wonder if a couple of general headings about some of the more unusual aspects of life at Augustines would stimulate a memory or two- scraping the barrel , you may say , but no harm in trying.
Oh well, here goes:-

During long boring lessons you couldn't help but notice some of the harmless little personal habits of some of the teachers.
Examples; If John Rice wanted to scratch the right side of his head, he used to stretch his left arm right over his head, rather than use his right arm.
Or the way Denny Howells always used to bounce a basketball very loudly so you couldn't hear a word he said.
Or the way Harry Rigby pronounced "Five" as "Fife".
Or the way Tiddler Morris always wore his trousers right up to his arm pits
Another master, who shall re-name nameless, was always playing "pocket billiards" while speaking to the class.

In sixth form we were actually trusted to drive Ford Fiestas round the playground,usually kangaroo style.

At the time this had to be one of the more terrifying experiences at Augustines. We had to prepare speeches on any topic, and present it in front of the entire class.

Another scary one. We were tested individually in front of the rest of the class on pieces we had practised. One poor lad had to turn the page back to see the fingering for every single note.

Did anyone take advantage of the studying facilities available to Fifth Formers at this place? It was run by a religious sect called Opus Dei, and included some right characters.

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