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Posted by Martin Wilson on January 09, 2004 at 23:58:19:

In Reply to: just passing by... posted by mark brennan on January 02, 2004 at 15:42:32:

Weird, it's like the web site just stopped existing after Mark's posting.

I Felt obliged to break the silence.

I got home from work today on a rare occasion that I needed to wear a tie for work.

I took it off and hung it in my wardrobe on my tie rack only to find staring back at me my name tag sown onto my Augustine's tie.

I held it up to my nose and inhaled deeply.

I smelt nothing.

I went off in search of a water tower.

I found one

well, the old site seems to be winding down don't it...ah, remember the heady days of mud slinging, soapbox standing, chest baring and hearts and flowers, all gone down in the west with those blessed golden evenings.

: we had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun even if they were out of time...

: what mysteries remain? the names of those who smashed up the door to the roof c 1976? the arsonist 1980? the identity of the toilet - lid - murderer 1978? the fate of the Kinematographic film of "our school day", the final resting place of the speech day tapes?

: are there stories yet to tell? the intrigues, the steamier side of life in bygone sharston?

: was there REALLY a catholic gay mafia? who was in it, where did they meet, and what was their mission statement? do tell.

: was Spike a nutter in the truly deranged sense, or just an arrogant man who fell victim to the times of his life and the demon in the drink? what could he have done differently - discuss.

: would the disaffected and embittered of post-Edenic st augustines have been better/happier/different within the blessed reviled garden years of their dispossessed imaginings, or was their life to be always shit anyway? (use a ruler)

: should the webmaster (praise his Name) have censored the torrents of ordure that drove many off the site, never to return, or is all censorship unacceptable in a free society - compare and contrast the dialectic.(you may use a compass and an HB pencil).

: did the staff avoid posting for fear of ridicule, or because they were always lesser men who feared comparison to their pupils, or greater men who despised the juvenile within us, and did Richard serve his memory well with toxic criticism of an institution that not only gave him his start in professional life but also tolerated his bizarre personality and later promoted him? did he - did we - bite the hand that fed, or were we all cutting the final traces to our past?

: to those who hung their heads in shame and self loathing at their childhood antics and mistreatment of their fellows, did they exorcise their ghosts or do they still feel the guilt? should boys not be boys?
: ( you may draw a labelled diagram)

: what about the sex and the abuse... how did it happen that APJ fell so far but the far more predatory and , as far as can be discerned, dangerous abuser got away with it, and still does... is he still teaching?

: and so to the end of all things schoolie, time to put away the blazer and the tatty old physics book with the lump of solder in it, the dog eared recorder book complete with decades old dried spit, the blank exercise paper you stole ( foolscap, really?), the old friends and older faces (" I couldnt recognise him, he was my best friend for years, he is SO fat!"), and close the lid on the box of youth until the earth is utterly changed.... ( discuss with reference to TWO of the books you have had to read this year)

: Well, bollocks to it. Were we free, were we happy? the question is absurd - there were many things the matter, and we certainly have heard.

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