Well is this the end, beautiful friend, the end?

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Posted by Martin Wilson on February 04, 2004 at 00:37:03:

Well, one less web site to worry about as we scratch our living way towards retirement, us vitriolic men caught up in the 90s' double "o"s' hysteria of self analysis of our childhood years.

Were we really so miserable, elated , depressed. scarred, embittered?

The teachers were weird, but I suppose no weirder than those inhabiting modern schools. I talk to my 11 year old nephew who criticises a parade of teachers bereft of social skills and entirely devoid of teaching skills as those I knew at Augustines. In reality, nothing has changed, bar perhaps a greater sense of awareness of the dangers of bullying, a practice that I will always maintain was actively encouraged at Augustines.

Mind you I would hope that our education systme detects miscreants such as Jessett at an early stage deals with them appropriately at a very early stage.

I can assure you that I will sit on the board of governers of every single school that my daughter attends and I am dedicated to removing every single sub standard teach that I can get my hands on.

Yes there were some brilliant experiences at SA.

Carol concerts in the run up to christmas with the pints stealthily purchased at the pubs in Gatley afterwards.

Watching the 6th form production of various plays eg 12 angry men and one superlative production of a WW1 play whose name I can't remember.

There was a great deal of brutal violence that was meant to shape us and I suspect it probably did.

I've found my own peace - I hope everyone else finds theirs.

Love to you all.


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