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Posted by Andrew Priest on June 15, 2009 at 02:31:02:

Stuff I remebered, hidden away in this old brain, and some is hazy by now.....

I'm pretty sure that in the early times one Winter(67 or 68 ?)when it was pretty cold, Spike would declare whether today's snow was "suitable" or not for snowballs.....

He gave us a "no tie" pass in one particular Summer week when it was *very* hot. Can only remeber once this happened.

Others -

First/Second year Chemistry class when the experiment filled the entire lab with purple coloured fumes, and we had to open all the windows,
gasping for breath. (Mr. Hartley I think).

The evergreen "water from the bunsen" trick, done many times in several classes - fill the rubber tube with water, when gas switched on it puts out the lighter/splint. Silly, but always fun.

Mr Shaw (Maths) giving out punishment essays like "describe the inside of a table tennis ball, in not less than 500 words", and his devastatingly accurate "spin and throw" technique for talkers (board duster and/or chalk).
Wouldn't be allowed today of course. His rambling tales about the haggis, which had one leg longer than the other, and climbed hills clockwise (Yeah, Old Scottish Myth, but still entertaining).

We didn't laugh at the "As best as we can get" from Geoff Beeley after a while - we all groaned instead. It made no difference. I vaguely remember some running gag about Kendal Mint Cake, but the details escape me - help anyone ?

Spike playing "Tocata and Fugue" late one afternoon just after the organ was installed, I think we were doing the assembly chairs (for detention) and he just wandered in. It was *very* good; we stopped to listen. I guess he was a lot better on the keyboard than most people realised. In those days, he could be heard now and then playing different classical bits on the organ. But his truly awful singing ....

Spike's "Any boy with a.. Skin.. Head.. haircut will be sent to me immediately" speech. Memorable for the pronounced two words "Skin Head" with a wonderful distaste. Same for flared trousers.

Practising for Speech day in the Hall (1968), we were singing "Linden Lea", which I have to admit is a particularly beautiful choral arrangement, when Mr. Dennison was haranguing us for bad tone and timing. As we got better, Denny Howells wandered into the hall and was obviously completely captivated by the sound, and just stood listening. After we finished, Dennison spied Howells, and said "Yes Mr. Howells? ". Denny visibly jumped and muttered "No, No, nothing" and hurried away embarrassed. At that point Dennison had a big smile, raised his eyebrows and quietly muttered "very good", or something like that, and we all knew we had succeeded.

Dennison's bow tie flying off at the (1967?) speech day.

Geoff Beeley showing us all his "Petrol Ration Book" for his Mk1 Cortina Estate in the Oil crisis, which said "15 HP" ('75 ?).

The Mad Lab Assistant, can't remember his name - he really did look like the stereotypical Egor. He's one at least one of the school photos.

Getting Dennison to listen to "Tubular Bells" to try to shock him, the following lesson, he just said " it's actually classic theme development and standard 5 movement symphonial structure, quite like Bach" - we were the ones shocked.....

The collapsing lectern - a simply wonderful saga. The best tricks always repeat several times. I think for months afterwards, Spike always tested his weight on the thing first - glorious.

The continually broken down Hillman Imp - who's car was that ?

Playing football on the pitch and seeing burglars breaking into the houses on Stancliffe Road, and (Paul Cartwright ?) dashing off to reception to call three 9s. Watching the burglars get caught red handed and giving us V signs out the rear windows of the van.

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