a few memories from the Staff point of view...

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Posted by Miss L.A Dolata on May 14, 2010 at 20:20:49:

Having recently started accessing the site again, I thought I might start dripfeeding a few memories from the Staff point of view... and my first memory is this one
Incidentally for sake of correctness, it is Miss L.A Dolata B.Sc (Birm).
I was appointed in February 1978 (presumably someone had bailed out in a hurry), and although it was nominally SJP, I was appointed to the Grammar School site and to start with ALL my timetable was at the Sharston Mount site.
I don't recall ANY MENTION at interview of a second site which housed a rather less academic establishment- (I had applied on a whim as I needed cash to fund me whilst writing up a dissertation, and had done no research on the school-stupid, but i was pretty young). In fact I only discovered its existence some time later, after I had accepted the job. In my opinion this makes me a bona fide Augustinian.
I was interviewed by the Monsignor (in full regalia of course), and I think Fr Stratton, and Fr Rice.. three imposing males anyway.
I had had quite a wait whilst they interviewed some other candidates and the Fearsome Mrs Warren had plied me with gallons of coffee.
Half way through the interview, the coffee had the inevitable effect, and I confessed to needing a pee....A booming voice..' My Dear Young Lady .. USE MINE!!'.. and this splendid imposing magenta figure ushered me into a compartment (which was, hung about with various parrot coloured accoutrements and -I think- a strap or two),within his office- obviously with walls created from chipboard or something similar, and with a gap at the top... in other words NO SOUNDPROOFING...I think I stuffed half a bogroll down the loo in order to make no noise whilst the three Reverends sat in complete silence.
At some stage I said that I knew a bit of Greek and the Mons insisted that I enunciate whatever i could remember. The result (product of some awful 'plume de ma tante' grammar was something like 'ei andros ripto ei chiron eis ton potamon' (trans. The man threw the pig in the river). I don't remember their response.
It was when I said that I had an M.Sc in progress, that a gleam came into the Mons eye,and he said in a dreamy voice...'We could have a special Awards Assemby as we did for Doctor Griffin....', and i distinctly remember thinking 'Oh Shit, I am going to be offered this job. I'd better decide whether I want it.....and the rest is history
Incidentally from now on I shall appear as Mr Lata.. as I always appeared on Staff Sports Teams on the Common room noticeboard.. 12th man Mr Lata etc

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