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Posted by Tony Murray on January 02, 2012 at 01:49:13:

In Reply to: Re: Mrs Tiernan posted by mark b on January 01, 2012 at 19:02:44:

: Barney, we did this one to death on the blog.

: In brief, all the evidence in the end pointed to a disgruntled colleague bearing a major grudge for Mr Tiernan - there were elements to the event that did not fit with a boy doing it I remember to do with time of day etc

What fresh fuckwittery is this?

Bearing in mind the increasingly delinquent constitution of the school by 1977, does anyone serriously believe a "collegue" was responsible for this?

Was this "colleague" some sub-janitor, anxious to bump off Tiernan so he got first crack at the bogs of a morning?

Or was it a disgruntled member of the maths dept who, driven to distraction by Mr T's failure to fix a noisy pipe in his form room, snuck into the little boys' room, balanced a sink on the door, then skipped,cackling, back to the car park?

Utter tosh of the highest water.

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