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Posted by Rt Rev Mgr F J McGuiness on October 29, 2021 at 18:19:36:

My dear old boys, emeritus masters ,and emerita mistresses

As All Hallows Eve approaches in this Hilary term of the academic year within the Gregorian year of Our Lord, two thousand and twenty one, it is pertinent, indeed right and proper, that your headmaster should once again address the gathered assembly of this great school, albeit now posthumously, from a podium now celestial.
Since the last address from the Headmaster, we have all passed through a dark place, the journey has been hard, few been spared as this pestilence passed through our land delivering its deadly payload. Queues at St Petersgate have been brought to the Headmaster's attention.
In the sixteenth and seventeenth century, the dark era that followed the Acts of Supremacy by Henry VIII and Elizabeth I led to suppression of the celebration of the Sacred Eucharist and those faithful to the true church hiding in their homes.
Similarly, as we pass through the current global pandemic, we have again been confined to our homes and celebration of the Sacred Eucharist suppressed. - No blessed communion, no fellowship divine!
From earth's wide bounds, from ocean's farthest coast, through gates of termini streamed in the countless virus - a deadly plague that brought illness and untimely death to many loved friends and family, a deadly Pandemic that brought the whole world to a complete standstill.

Education has been put to the test: pupils sent home; desolate schools with doors closed; empty chairs in empty classrooms; cancelled and abandoned examinations; grass growing long on untrodden playing fields; depleted universities and colleges.
However, despite this bleak panorama, our technical staff have travailed diligently to enable cinematic lessons to be transported via the electronic computer to television screens within the domiciliary environment of our students enabling the ongoing furtherance of their education.
Corporeal aspects of discipline have sadly gone awry in these difficult times but the cold sweated anticipation of the corrective tannery will return in Viridi Locus.
News of organic zeal during the pandemic has, however, been brought to the ears of the Headmaster -- albeit in culinary and horticultural fields rather than the melodic instrumental department.

Our nation's health service has suffered, indulged by the government at Westminster with its weekly dose of Thursday Night Clap. Despite being stretched the utmost limit, wards overflowing, the doctors, nurses, physiotherapists , ambulance staff and all other health service staff have been seen to discharge their duties with fortitude and strength.
Alumni employed within the health service have been challenged and have risen to the task, other alumni outwith the health service have volunteered and enlisted to take on roles which were previously unfamiliar to them, whilst many alumni strived to carry on their usual occupations in difficult circumstances, often from their domiciliary residences. All alumni have played their part and are a pride to their alma mater.

The Headmaster takes great pleasure and pride in the knowledge that, at a prestigious university hospital, close to the Headmaster's heart, a well established consultant post remains occupied by one of the oldboys from this great school.

Vaccines are now here and the Headmaster encourages all of you, particularly those friends of this great school, to partake of the vaccine when offered.
Whilst congratulations are rightfully due to our dark blue Thames rowers on getting first past the post in the race to develop a UK vaccine, the Headmaster wistfully recall his own own college days at Downing agin (sic), and regrets that there was not a pale blue vaccine in the race.
The Headmaster must remind you all that a time free from the virus has not yet arrived.
When that time comes, the Headmaster will make the appropriate announcement.
However, until the formal announcement of the end of the Pandemic, the wearing of face masks is compulsory and anyone arriving at the gates without a mask will be sent home to fetch a facemask.

In addition, you should be wary of ingesting any seasonal confectionary in the form of flying rodents, wary of imbibing nominally crowned lager and, finally, wary of attending any operatic production of Johan Strauss' "Die Fledermaus" .
But lo! There breaks a yet more glorious day, the plague redundant , slowly fades away - The Saints triumphant will rise in bright magenta.
The Headmaster looks forward in confidence to that time when this great school, like the legendary Phoenix, will rise again, reverberating with multi-organ dissonance, resplendent in academic glory, tempered by a multidiscipline approach.
The hopes and aspirations of all friends of this great school have magnified to that renaissance: a multi-organ, supreme educational institution, of outstanding excellence, with boys singing to Father Son and Holy Ghost. Alleluia alleluia!
Vivat Academia,
Vivant Professores,
Vivat membrum quodlibet,
Vivant membra quaelibet,
Semper sint in flore!
At this time of year, the Headmaster wishes to take the opportunity to request the customary one pound donation for the organ fund and a further one pound donation for the school fund.
Multi-organ donations would also be most gratefully received.
Asking your prayers
I had the honour to be
Your Right Reverend Headmaster

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