Tales of the Green Room
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Discipline at St Augustine's Grammar School
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On the Beat


Masters and Mistresses


After the previous upper sixth left prior to A levels, the whole of lower sixth became prefects.

Following an "election" (results not published), two were named as head boys. One of these would give the vote of thanks at that year's speechday. The two also had the honour of being entertained for dinner by the Headmaster!

Intake Headboys
65 Gearoid Cartwright (67-68)
65 Andrew Hartnett (68-69)
65 Adam Zaslona (69-70)
65 John Taylor (70-71)
65 Stephen McCann and ? (71-71)
66 Chris Blaydon and Nigel Tweedie(72-72)
67 Thomas Walsh and ? (73-74)
68 John Whatnall and ? (74-75)
69 Christopher Start and Michael Cooke(75-76)
70 Paul Grainger and Andrew Whatnall(76-77)
71 Steven Johnston and Ged Doyle(77-78)

Prefect Duties

Prefect's Duty Rota

Crime Investigation

"Trial by peers"
Forcing the culprit(s) out by this method was common. The webmaster cannot remember it ever being successful. On some occasions, the question was asked "How many (volunteers) do you need?", by pupils after a suitable interval. Soon after this, "they" usually abandoned the exercise with some facesaver.


John Bryceland
allegedly one of 1969 entry
in connection with 15 unserved periods of detention.
Alan Johnston is believed to be helping with enquiries!


Corporal punishment was delivered by roster duty master in "Green Room" twice daily. The leather strap was used for punishment administered to the backside of the pupil. The "Green Room" was originally a stage green room but most of us remember it for this other purpose. Teachers could also send pupils out of class directly to the Head master's office where the strap was also almost inevitably administered. Punishment varied from one to six strokes depending on the offence (and perhaps other factors!).

A record was maintained in the Register of Discipline (now interactive!)

Detention - 1/2 hour after school was standard punishment for latecomers and incomplete homework.

Inventive forms of informal corporal punishment (as recalled by the boys):

My first docket & Spike asking how many whacks I wanted and not taking none as an answer!(SL)

That overwhelming sense of relief when you discovered that Mr. Ingram was meting out 'the whack' and not Mr. Rigby, Mr. Matthews etc. etc.......

The pathetic attempts at sneaking past detention duty prefects, using some alternative route, and resorting to all kinds of hamfisted pretences to convince them that you'd been there all morning (such as stuffing your overcoat into your bag!).


Initiation Ceremonies

From Education Act 2 1986

Where in proceedings, it is shown that corporal punishment has been given to a pupil by or on the authority of a member of staff, giving punishment cannot be justified on the ground that it was done in pursuance of a right exercisable by the member of staff of his position as such.

1998: Corporal Punishment was made illegal in ALL schools

Corporal punishment given by, or on the authority of, a member of staff to a child

  1. for whom education is provided, at any school, or
  2. for whom education is provided, otherwise than at school, under any arrangements made by a local education authority, or
  3. for whom specified nursery education is provided otherwise than at school,

cannot be justified in any proceedings on the ground that it was given in pursuance of a right exercisable by the member of staff by virtue of his position as such.

World Corporal Punishment Research