Initiation Ceremonies!


Monday, September 5th 1967...
Reprimanded by the headmaster for raising my cap with my left hand.
Tuesday, September 6th 1967...
Set my first piece of homework by Mr Denison: Drawing Treble clefs on a music Stave. Talking in an English lesson: Picked up by my sideburns by Mr McSweeney
Wednesday September 7th 1967...
Two strokes of the strap on my arse for doing my music homework in pen.
Thursday September 8th 1967...
Forgot my PE kit. Bollocked by Denny Howells, two more strokes on my arse, with a great big size 11 pump (the first of many)
Friday September 9th 1967.. "How was school love?".."Great mum,I think I'm really going to enjoy it!!!"
[Steve Callaghan 67]

Not having my name on recorder (day 3 of 1st year) - welcome to St Augustines
[Steve Leahy 69]

My first day was memorable- because I arrived 2 days late. I don't know why, but I appeared on the Thursday (I think) at about 10-ish.
I got off the bus, walked to the school and entered the secretaries office to see a huge priest there (Spike, no less).
I told him I'd arrived ( in all innocence not realising I was over 2 days late) and he looked at me, smiled and said "Better late than never, eh boy". I remember thinking the words "Out of sight, out of mind" but fortuantely didn't say them as he was smiling nicely.
He sent me to my first lesson, which was music with Mr Jesset, and I walked in with the lesson having begun already 15 inutes prior.
The first thing he did was ask who had not got a pencil and I put up my hand with about a dozen others.
He then sent us straight to Spike for punishment and Spike told us all off for not having pencils in music and gave us each the strap. If I remember rightly- after strapping us, Spike gave us a pencil each from his own supply so it wouldn't happen again.
Within 30mins of arriving I'd alrady been sent to his office and strapped by him- and that seemed to set the trend for all term after that!

[Kevin Sullivan 75]